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Evaluating Economic Integration Study on Main Economic Bloc for one of the MINT countries

Introduction 3
Economic Integration 3
Advantages of integrating into an economic bloc 4
Disadvantages of integrating into an economic bloc 4
Phases of economic integration 5
Integration initiative by Nigeria 5
Challenges faced by Nigeria 11
Conclusion and recommendation 12
Reference List 14

Evaluation of Michael Porter Theory on National Competitive Advantage is a good predictor for International Trade

This paper provides the critical analysis of the following statement -

"Michael Porter’s Theory on National Competitive Advantage is a good predictor for International Trade "

Few Economics questions

This paper answers the following questions –
1. Explain the essential differences between a firm in equilibrium under conditions of perfect competition and a firm under conditions of monopolistic competition?
2. Using the kinked demand curve model of oligopoly explain why oligopolistic firms tend to engage in non-price competition?
3. Using an appropriate diagram, explain why the prevalence of.....

Few Economics questions on the topic of Demand, Supply, Taxes & Market Structure

This assignment provides answers to the following questions –

1) Using a graph, show how a tax affects an initially unregulated market equilibrium for
alcoholic drinks. Then, using welfare analysis, identify the differences in consumer
surplus, producer surplus, deadweight loss and government revenue before and after the

2) How does the slope of the demand and supply curves determi.....

Few Questions on Managerial Economics


GCC Economics and Business Environment report on National Bank of Abu Dhabi

This report is based on the following requirement -

Tasks: Choose a company from GCC states established in Oman

Q1. Write an introduction in which you will highlight the main activities of the chosen company and announce your plan (3 + 2 = 5 marks)

Q2. Explain and discuss the three main reasons why this company has chosen to invest in Oman. (3 x 5 marks = 15 marks)

Q3. Do a SWOT analy.....

Human Resource economics exam questions

This report is based on the following questions -

SECTION A: Short Answers Questions (worth 20 marks). Answer FOUR questions in this sections (you have 6 to choose from). All questions carry equal weight (5 marks each).

(Please choose Question 1 - Question 4 to do my exam questions)
(Each question need have 300 words)

Question 1
Requires you to analysis the issues associated with unemplo.....

Impact of Economic Growth of the Leading Asian Countries on the Improvement of the Overall Growth of the Nations

Economic Growth 4
Factors Influencing Economic Growth of a Nation 4
Natural Resources 4
Physical Capital 5
Population 5
Human Capital 5
Technology 5
Significance of Economic Growth on the Overall Environment 5
In the Reduction of Poverty 6
In the Enhancement of Living Standard 6
In the Reduction of Unemployment 6
In the Improvement of Budget Deficits 6
Economy of Asia: an Overview 6

India & Australia - Economic performance compared

Executive summary on economic development of India & Australia
PART 1 – Snapshot of Australian and Indian Economies
PART 2 – Comparative historical profiles of Indian & Australian economies
PART 3 – An overview of India’s and Australia’s trade
Part 4 – Relocation of production – Comparison of industrial disputes in India & Indonesia
List of references on economic issues of India & Australia

Logitech case study questions

This paper provides answer to the following questions –
• Explain how trade lowers the cost of making computer peripherals such as mice and keyboard?
• Using the theory of comparative advantage to explain the way in which Logitech has configured its global operations. Why does the company manufacture in China and Taiwan, undertake basic R&D in California and Switzerland, design products in Irel.....

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