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Assignment on the topic - “By the adoption of various policies the government can influence national economic performance”.

The assignment is based on the following requirement –

The intention of this assignment is to carry out a research in the context of following statement and submit a report as detailed in the task and assessment criteria. The 2000 word report should be referenced in Harvard Style.

“By the adoption of various policies the government can influence national economic performance”.

Assignment on the various aspects of Price Discrimination

This essay answers the following question –
What are the various types of price discrimination that organisations can employ? What are the advantages to an organisation that arise from their ability to price discriminate? In evaluating your response use examples of organisations which use these approaches.

Business Economics Assignment

Introduction 3
Economics and theoretical underpinning of the main concepts 4
Hierarchies 4
Short run and long run and Diminishing returns versus economies of scale 4
Integration 12
Size determines hierarchical structure 14
Markets 15
Market structures: perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly 15
Government Regulation 21
Externalities 24
Networks 25
Networks within HMC 25
Networks ou.....

Business economics assignment on UK Car market

• Introduction
• The UK Car Market
• UK Car Market before And During Recession
• The UK Car Market after Recession – A Forecast
• Recommendations
• Conclusion
• References

Causes and effects of unemployment in South Africa

Causes and effects of unemployment in South Africa
Poor education system
Lack of training facilities
Bad leadership

Consultative report on Australian labour market analysis

This report is based on the following requirement -

Traditionally, the study of economics is split into micro- and macroeconomics. This assessment requires the student to superimpose microeconomic concepts onto the broader macro-environment where business and leadership thinking abound. To do this effectively, the student will engage in deep, critical thinking on both technical and h.....

Contribution of game theory on the analysis of the interaction between oligopolistic firms

Introduction 2
Game Theory 2
Oligopolistic market structure 3
Differences between monopolistic and oligopolistic market competition 5
Assessing interaction between oligopolistic firms with Game theory 6
Limitation 8
Conclusion 9
Reference List 10

Critical review on the debate of Global warming

• Executive summary
• Introduction
• Climate change
• Global economy
• Kyoto protocol
• Strategy design
• Recommendations
• Conclusion
• References

Demand and Supply

Definition of Demand
Determinants of Demand
Exception to law of demand
Interpreting numerical values of elasticity of demand

Discussion about the international interdependence and how technology is causing the emancipation, especially with respect to the export diversification in developing and developed nation particularly

1. Introduction 2
2. Effect of Technology on the Developing Countries and Their International Trade 6
Channels Of International Trade 7
Policies Related To Technology And Trade For Developing Nations 8
3. Effect of Technology on the Developed Countries and Their International Trade 10
4. Trade between developing and developed nation 11
5. Transfer of technology to the de.....

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