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A comparative country Fact-Book

Introduction 3
Overview of the Chosen Industry 3
Overview of Chosen Two Countries 4
Comprehensive Analysis of National Background 5
Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Conditions 6
Comparative Analysis of National Competitive Advantage with Porter’s Diamond Model 7
Factors condition 8
Demand Conditions 9
Related and supporting industries 10
Firm structure, strategy and rivalry 10
Chances 11 .....

A comparative study of trade restrictions in selected countries

This paper seeks to make a comparative research analysis of trade restrictions in various countries. Such trade restrictions are concerned with barriers to trade, that certain governments promote in order to safeguard their domestic producers (and sometimes consumers too) against international competitors or trade practices, which the government deems unfit for the internal environment of the econ.....

Analysis of a health related policy - Euthanasia

Table of Contents 1
Background 2
Policy Definition 3
Policy Analysis Framework 4
Context 4
Content 6
Process 9
Actors / Stakeholders 9
References 11
Appendix 1: Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995 13
Appendix 2: Euthanasia Laws Act 1997’ (ELA) and amendment of the ‘Northern Territory (self government) Act 22

Analysis of a newspaper article on economics concepts

This assignment is based on the following requirement -

i) Assignment Brief: Working individually, you will either search through and find OR be allocated by your lecturer ONE (1) newspaper article published no earlier than January 1, 2014 that is relevant to the economics concepts discussed in class. Either way, the chosen article has to be approved by your Lecturer. Once this is confirm.....

Analysis of economic performance of Malaysia from 2006 to 2015

Introduction 3
Natural Resources 3
Current economic situation 3
Performance of the economy over the last decade 4
Real GDP 4
Real GDP Growth rate trend 5
GDP per capita 6
Unemployment rate 8
Frictional 8
Structural 8
Cyclical 9
Technological 9
Seasonal 9
Inflation Rate 10
Conclusion 12
Works Cited 13

Analysis of Macroeconomic situation of Belgium

Introduction 2
Assessment 2
Analysis 5
Strengths 5
Weaknesses and Challenges 8
Internal Imbalances 9
External Imbalances 12
Policy 15
Fiscal Policy 15
Structural Improvement 16
Accelerated Debt Reduction 17
Allocation of fiscal consolidation efforts 18
Consolidation of public finances 18
Monetary Policy 18
Conclusion 20
References 22

Analysis of the article - 'Australian coal industry in final stage of grief' by Clyde Russell

This report is based on the following requirement -

You have to select a newspaper/magazine/web article for an economic analysis.  The article must relate to one or more of the topics(chapters) covered in the lecture program. The article must also have been written after 1st of June, 2013. 
You are to apply your economic theory to explain and analyse the newspaper/media article. Refer

Analysis of the article “Sluggish Global Economy Weighs on Asia’s Growth” published by Asian Development Bank

Introduction 3
Global economy and its impact on emerging economies 4
Emerging economies dependent on developed economy 6
Sluggish global economy 2012-2013 8
Global financial crisis; its influence on macroeconomic policies 10
Global economic environment and Asian 12
Conclusion 14
Bibliography 15

Analysis of the economics article - Inflation expected at 2.3% after pump price rise by The Malaysian Insider

News article “Inflation expected at 2.3% after pump price rise” by Trinna Leong in Malaysian Insider dated September 3, 2013 anticipates the possibilities of raise in inflation rate. Leong also discussed price rise to be an effect of reduction in subsidies and possible GST (goods and service tax) which again in turn would push up the goods and commodity prices in the nation. Dual factor of petrol/.....

Answers to Economics questions

This paper provides answers to the following questions –
1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of regulating a natural monopoly through (a) a marginal cost pricing rule and (b) an average cost pricing rule.
2. What is a recessionary gap? How does the economy adjust to eliminate a recessionary gap?
3. How can a higher price of oil create inflation?
4. The dependency ratio, the proportion.....

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