How to Write a dissertation

Dissertation has to be well planned and widely researched. It should have a clear objective based on the thesis or the main topic. The dissertation should demonstrate the use of relevant concepts and apply them to the work in the dissertation. The dissertation should understand the dissertation topics effectively and should include analysis, critical evaluation and discussion of the main and related topics. The dissertation should be structured and should have correct referencing. Dissertation topic and its scope is very important in a dissertation, which will enable the writer to include only the relevant content. The topic has to be well-discussed along with the scope with the tutor before the proposal for the dissertation is written. The dissertation proposal should consist concise information about the topic and the approach towards evaluating and discussing the topic.


The writer should schedule all the tasks in the dissertation beforehand and follow the schedule, which would include researching on the project topic. The task should include collecting information from primary and secondary sources and also decide on which data collection method will be used in collecting the primary data. Once the plan and the research is done the writer can start with a specific structure, which includes all the elements required in a dissertation


The structure of the dissertation should be verified from the tutor and should include abstract, introduction, main body, conclusion, and appendices if required. Introduction refers to presentation of thesis or the question and also outlines the structure of the work. The main body includes various sections based on the topic. This section should include facts, analysis and evidences through examples, evaluation and discussion of the topic. It should be followed by conclusion and findings. This should brief about the whole content discussed in the main body and relating it to the main topic and making appropriate suggestions or recommendations if required. Some dissertations require appendices, which include organizational reports, copies of letters, questionnaires etc. This information acts as the evidence to the content written in the main body and provides better understanding of the topic or area being discussed.

Content and Style

Dissertation is an academic work and hence should be written in an academic style and should not include vagueness and should not use a very formal vocabulary. The main body should have appropriate paragraphs. The sentences should be well punctuated and should not be very long. The main body should have relevant figures integrated in the text and should be referred to. The referencing to all the information in the main body should be adequately made.


One of the important parts of the dissertation is acknowledging the sources used in the dissertation. If referencing is inadequate it is considered as plagiarism. The referencing should be adequate or else it indicates that the research carried out is not adequate. Adequate referencing and including bibliography indicates that the topic has been widely researched and the use of sources acts as the evidence to support the arguments made in the dissertation.

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