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Below are Essay & Assignments tackled by us on Economics

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Report on the effect of a particular macroeconomic decision on business

Introduction & Background 3
Macroeconomic Issue 3
Rationale behind Policy Decision 3
Intended Outcomes of the Policy Decision 4
Time Frames 4
Financial costs and benefits 5
Arguments in favour of the Policy Decision 5
Arguments against the Policy Decision 6
Summary & Conclusion 6
References 8
Appendix 10
1. Nation wise CO2 emission 10
2. Greenhouse gas emissions- Australia 11

Report regarding the macroeconomic environment in two countries in which Amazon operates

Introduction 3
Overview of Amazon 3
Market Structure 4
Analysis of the Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on the Economic Activity of Amazon 7
Comparative Analysis of Major Macroeconomic Indicators and Its Impact 10
Conclusion 13
References 14

Research essay on “Is Australia a really lucky country”

• Introduction
• Why Australia is ‘lucky’?
• Geography
• Ecology
• Economy
• Social and Political factors
• Can we still call Australia a ‘lucky country’?
• Conclusion
• References

Research paper on 'Does trickle down economics really work?'

Introduction 2
Trickle-Down Economics 2
Conclusion 5
References 7

Research paper on the economic impacts of natural disasters

Abstract 3
Introduction 3
What are Natural Disasters? 3
Effect of Natural Disasters on the Economy 4
Various Natural Disasters and their impact on Economy 4
Assessment of Economic Impacts 6
Mitigation of loss to economy through natural disaster 7
Conclusion 9
References 10

Research report in the context of Economics and the Construction industry

This assignment is based on the following assignment description –

The intention of this assignment is to carry out a research in the context of economics and the construction industry.

Task 1
“Construction industry teds to enter recessions first and it is often the last to recover”.

Discuss this statement with reference to fundamental economic concepts that underpin c.....

Short case on Complementary and substitute products, and effects on demand and quantity demanded

This paper analyses the following case study and answers the question given below –
Short Case: Complementary and substitute products, and effects on demand and quantity demanded.

Let’s assume that butter and honey are complementary goods. This would mean that an increase in the price of honey would result in a decrease in quantity demanded for butter. The logic would seem straightforward: a.....

Short essay on ‘Role of Financial Institutions in the economy’

• Executive summary
• Introduction
• Actuarial Risk
• Informational efficiency
• Time Preference
• Risk Distribution
• Diversification of risk
• Functions of Financial Intermediaries
• Conclusion
• References

Short essay on Consumerism and most important economic consequences of Consumerism

Introduction 2
Effects of Consumerism 2
Environmental impact 2
Economical imbalance in social classes 3
Impact on Health 3
Conclusion 4
References 4

Short paper on ‘Factors for Current Account Deficit’

• Understanding of Current Account
• Measures of current account deficit
• Factors affecting Current Account
• References

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