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Answers to Economics questions

This paper answers the following 2 questions –
1. Assume that the money market is initially in equilibrium for an economy.
Explain with the aid of a diagram how the market adjusts to

(i) an increase in money supply (250 words)

(ii) an increase in real GDP (250 words)

2. Choose an economy of interest to you and answer the following question:
(1000 words max)

What measures did the co.....

Article on rising fuel prices

Introduction on increasing price of petrol
Microeconomic issue of Fuel pricing
Alternative view of Petrol prices increase
Normative view of rising fuel prices
Positive view for increased fuel prices

Assignment on an issue that has affected the New Zealand economy within the last 10 years

This assignment is based on the following requirement -

Research Assignment Instructions
In this assessment you will consider an issue that has affected the New Zealand economy within the last 10 years. You are required to make use of the macroeconomic theory and policy you learnt in class(which is plz read the class slide) to provide a critical analysis and evaluation of a policy undertake.....

Assignment on different phases of Macroeconomic policies in Australia

This assignment is based on the following question –

For a decade or more, macroeconomic policy in Australia seems to have been directed primarily at controlling inflation in the belief that success in achieving this target would be associated with macroeconomic stability and growth. Following the Global Financial Crisis the main emphasis of macroeconomic policy has been on trying to avoid a r.....

Assignment on Fiscal Policy with special reference to Australian Economy

Definition of Fiscal Policy and its instruments
How fiscal policy can be used to constrain aggregate demand and its effectiveness of the policy used
Australian Government’s Budget papers and explanation the fiscal policy stance adopted
Inflationary pressures being experienced in the Australian Economy and appropriateness of the government’s fiscal policy stance

Assignment on Indonesian economy

Introduction 2
Indonesia 3
Economical Background 4
1997 Crisis 4
Core Issues that led to Crisis 6
Road to Recovery 7
The Role of IMF in making the turnaround 9
Macro economical factors and forecasts 11
Recommendations 12
Conclusion 13

Assignment on Product positioning in oligopolistic markets

Executive Summary
Real world case studies
Role of government
Overview of the situation
Brand Collusion under Oligopoly
Other parameters
Examples analyzed with the help of game theory

Assignment on Proportional and Preferential Voting Mechanism in the Parliament of Australia

• Parliament of Australia – Background
• Preferential Voting Mechanism
• Advantages of Preferential Voting Mechanism
• Dis-advantages of Preferential Voting Mechanism
• Proportional Voting Mechanism
• Advantages of Proportional Voting Mechanism
• Dis-advantages of Proportional Voting Mechanism
• Differences between Preferential and Proportional Voting Mechanism
• Bibliography

Assignment on Public management reforms in Australia

Public Sector Reforms
Structure of Government - Australia
Public Management Reforms in Australia
The changing environment of policy making
Workforce capability
Performance and organizational capability
Devolution and accountability
Whole-of Government
A unified public service defined by Values

Assignment on the future of Housing market in terms of the market prices, demand and supply for the properties

• Introduction
• The trend of the Housing Market Prices
• The Demand and Supply
• Cost of Living
• Prediction for the Next two years
• Current Moments of Housing Market
• Conclusion
• References

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