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Report on barriers that exist to global action on climate change

Introduction 2
Barriers existing to global action on climate change 2
Prospects to overcome the barriers 8
Conclusion 9
References 10

Report on circular economy principles

Executive Summary 2
Theoretical Perspective of Circular Economy 4
Introduction to Circular Economy 4
Circular Economy: the Concept 4
The Characteristics of Circular Economy 6
Importance and Benefits of Circular Economy 8
Circular Supply Chain in Circular Economy 9
Circular Economy and Job Creation 12
Practical Perspective of Circular Economy 13
Averda and Waste Management 14
Averda’s Cre.....

Report on Environmental and competitive policies and its effects on European Airline companies operating in single European market

Introduction 1
Single European Market 2
Aviation Industry in Europe 2
Regulatory Changes and Impact on Aviation Industry in Europe 3
Air Transport Liberalization 5
The Competition Rules and Impact on Aviation Industry 6
Environmental policies 8
European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) 9
Advanced Emission Model or AEM 10
Conclusion 10
References 12


Introduction 2
Aims and Objectives 3
Background and Historical Perspective 3
Current Situation Analysis 4
Problem Statement 6
Potential Options 6
Evaluation Criteria 6
Evaluation of Options 7
Recommendations 8
Plan Forward 8
Conclusion 8
References 8

Report on Macroeconomic Policies and Performance in Britain

Introduction 3
Evolution of Macroeconomic Policies since mid-1940s 4
Impact of Macroeconomic Policy Measures on British Economic Performance 7
Conclusion 10
References 11

Report on most competitive economy in South east Asia

This report is based on the following requirement -

In the annual Economic Research Seminar, you have been invited to present and discuss the economy development in the Southeast Asia. The topic of the paper will be ‘Which is the most economic competitive economy in Southeast Asia?’. This assignment aims to understand basic concepts and principles used in economic analysis, to develop the skil.....

Report on Public Finance

Introduction 2
About Public Sector 2
Growth of Public Sector in the Major Economies 6
Need for Government to reduce Public Sector Growth 9
Conclusion 12
References 14

Report on the benefits of entering into economic bloc for Indonesia

Introduction 2
Economic Blocs and Trade Agreements – Advantages and Disadvantages 2
Economic Bloc involving Indonesia 8
Conclusion 11
References 13

Report on the benefits of entering into economic bloc for Mexico

Introduction 2
Evaluation of Specific Benefits of Economic Bloc 2
Advantages of Economic Bloc Membership to Mexico 9
Conclusion 12
References 14

Report on the Comparison and Contrast of the Financial systems of Australia and India

(1.0) Executive Summary 3

(2.0) Introduction (About the Chosen Countries ) 4

(2.1) Overview of Australian Financial System 6

(2.2) Types of Financial Institutions in Australia 7

(2.3) Financial Markets (Australia) 10
(2.4) Regulation (Australia) 11
(3.0) Overview of Indian Financial System 13

(3.1) Types of Financial Institutions in India 14

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