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Evaluation of three online employment websites

Executive summary on Evaluation of three online employment websites
Introduction on Evaluation of three online employment websites
About three online employment websites
Evaluation of three online employment websites
Conclusions of three online employment websites
Recommendations for online employment websites
List of references
Appendices of three online employment websites

Analysis of the famous case study – Amazon in Europe

Executive summary on Amazon in Europe
Introduction to
Evolution at
Amazon in European market
Challenges faced by Amazon in Europe
Amazon inventory management
Advantages of outsourcing on
Conclusion of Assignment on
End notes for
References on

Article on Sensitivity analysis of Top Rank product

Financial Investment advisors
Analysis of finance investor’s psychology
Reasons of poor response of individuals in last 2 years
Comparative analysis of processes followed by other financial consultants
Documentation required to be maintained by individual clients
Changing perception about professional approach in advising the client
Other services which could be offered to attract new financ.....

Analysis of the famous - Empirical chemical company case study

Introduction to the case study
History & Current market position of company
Issues currently faced by the company
Proposed capital budgeting project by the plant manager
Conservative plan – Concerns raised by different departments, Conservative approach towards Hawkins polypropylene project, Conclusion on analysis report
Aggressive plan of company
Compromise plan on company
Assumptions anal.....

A comparative study on Structure & Framework of Australian & Japanese equity markets

Introduction of Australian – Japanese stock exchanges
Australian equity market
Reserve bank of Australia
Australian securities & Investment commission (ASIC)
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
Australian government
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
Japanese Equity market
Bank of Japan
Securities & Exchange Surveillance Com.....

Assignment on Employee benefits that have been introduced through legislation in UK that form part of employee contractual rights

Introduction to employee rights and UK employee benefits
The National Minimum wage
Working hours and contractual rights
Conclusion on Assignment on employee rights
List of references

Assignment on Privacy laws in UK and its impact on journalism

• Origin & Developments in the laws of privacy
• Definition of Privacy
• Why do we need privacy?
• Privacy impact assessment
• Privacy international
• Right to privacy from the media
• Privacy – Human rights
• Can the media & privacy ever get on?
• A new approach to the media & privacy
• Conclusion
• References

Marketing strategy for Allanasons Ltd for entry into Australian market

• Executive summary
• Introduction
• Corporate objectives & strategy
• Organizational resources
• SWOT analysis
• Porter analysis
• PEST analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Marketing objectives
• Target market
• Market entry strategy
• Marketing mix
• Planning budget
• Implementation plan
• Control system
• List of references
• Appendices

Memo on How to install New Data management and MIS software

• Introduction
• How they work?
• Objective
• Notes
• Time
• Process diagram for data migration
• Technical path for document coding
• Steps to follow to install and index data
• Warnings
• Cautions
• Danger

Report on Tata Motors and Internationalization Process

• Introduction
• An overview and Brief History of Tata Motors
• A critical overview of underpinning of International Process and MNE’s
• An analysis of Tata motor’s operation towards International Expansion
• Two suggested International markets for Tata Motors – UK & China
• Challenges for Tata Motors
• Discussion and Conclusion
• References

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