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Below are Essay & Assignments tackled by us on Reflective assignments

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Self reflection assignment using the theories of Change Management

• Scenario
• Leadership in Change Management
• Change Management Model
• Power and Politics
• Conflict Management
• Culture and Design
• Conclusion
• References

Assignment on self-awareness & communication

• Self analysis
• How to gain self-awareness
• Overall results of M.BT.I
• Some other weaknesses I found in myself
• Reference list

Comprehensive paper on skills required for effective management

• Introduction
• SWOT Analysis
• How to improve management and leadership skills?
• Impact of learning style on personal development
• Cause and Effect Diagram
• SMART Goals Analysis
• Personal Development Plan
• How Can I Put Into Practice What I Have Learnt?
• Bibliography

Critical Analysis of a Personal Experience

This assignment is based on the following requirement -

Task 1 (up to 500 words)
Think of a story/scenario about an incident/event/problem which has occurred or is currently occurring in your working life and/or organisation (which may include experiences working/attending charity, school and sporting organisations) and in which the concepts of motivation, group dynamics and communication are .....

Critical Reflection essay

This essay is based on the following requirement -

Reflective writing is the evidence of reflective thinking and reflective thinking is part of the critical thinking process where people analyse, evaluate and make judgements about behaviour, events, experiences and outcomes to make sense of what happened and to learn how to do things differently in future situations. The practice o.....

Critical reflection essay on example from your workplace

This essay is based on the following requirement -

For this critical reflection essay you are required to consider an example from your workplace that will allow you to write and reflect upon an issue that involves a business problem that you have faced that involves ethical issues.
Your essay should include an examination of the business practice as well as the related ethical dimensions. .....

Development of Individual long term contract on creating long term influence over others

• Abstract
• Contract title
• Diagnosis – Diamond model of leadership, Mind mapping, Survey of managerial style, Leadership steps assessment, Thomas Kilmann conflict mode instrument, Myers Briggs type indicator
• Learning goals
• Action plan
• Impact analysis
• Validation of evidence
• Conclusion
• Bibliography
• Appendices

Entrepreneurial Self analysis report

This report is based on the following requirement -

This is a reflective self-analysis. Its aim is to get you to use the academic skills learned at Business School 1 to help you assess whether you have the character traits and other characteristics of an entrepreneur and to reflect on the implications of this.
• Complete the GET test: Explain the meaning of the results (see chapter 2).


Essay discusses the roles of self-awareness and self-concept in context of career success

Roles of Self-awareness and Self-concept in the context of Career Success

Essay on Ethical Leadership

• Introduction
• Ethical Leadership – Theoretical Perspective
• Core principles of ethical leadership should be incorporated in all corporate
• Conclusion
• References

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