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Comparison of Corporate Governance laws and Codes of Australia and Singapore

• Introduction
• Definition of Corporate Governance
• Corporate Governance in Australia
• Corporate Governance of Singapore
• Recommendation
• Conclusion
• Appendix
• Similarities between Australian principles and Singapore
• Dis-similarities between Australian Principles and that of Singapore
• List of references

Analysis of 2 Cases related to Law of Contract and Law of Tort

Introduction 2
Contract Law 2
Tort Law 2
Remoteness of Damage 3
Case 1: Overseas Tankship (UK) Ltd v Morts Dock and Engineering Co Ltd, the Wagon Mound 1961 Privy Council 1 All England Law Reports 404 3
Facts and Remoteness of Damage 3
Issues Raised by the Case 4
Judgment 5
Reasons behind the Judgment 6
Case 2: Hadley v Mr. Baxendale 1854 9 Exch 341 6
Facts and Remoteness of Damage 6

Analysis of the case Australian Broadcasting Corporation v Lenah Game Meats Pty Ltd [2001] HCA 63 15 November 2001 H2/2000

This paper answers the following questions –

(a) In which Court is the matter being determined, who are the parties to the case and what are their roles in the action, eg. plaintiff, defendant, appellant?

(b) What are the key facts in the case?

(c) What was the outcome of the case? Who won in the end?

(d) What are the key elements of the decision of each member of the Court?

(e) Wh.....

Analysis of the famous – ‘Coffee at McDonalds – A Burning question’ case study

This paper answers the following questions on the case study –

1. From the internet reports, explain why the judge reduced the reward of $2.7 million to $480000.
2. What the amount finally awarded to Stella Liebeck?
3. What is ‘perineum?
4. Has this case may any difference in McDonald’s Coffee temperature and label today?
5. Was McDonald treated fairly by the courts, given all the facts of.....

Analysis of the famous case Solomon v Solomon & Co. Ltd (1895-99)

• Facts of Solomon v Solomon
• Principles Laid in Solomon v Solomon
• Lifting the Veil of Incorporation
• Concluding Remarks

Analysis of the famous international trade law case study - The WTO’s Rejection of the European Ban on Hormone- Treated Beef

This report discusses the both sides of the case study and considers the following question on the case -

Should the WTO decide whether there is enough scientific evidence of risk to ban imports of a food? Or is this a job better left to national government agencies?
The United States and Canada argued that Europe’s ban was not meant to protect consumers, but to give European ranchers who do .....

Analysis of the Hospitality law case study

Executive Summary
Introduction & Definition

Booking & Accommodation

3.1 Pure economic loss
Tort - The Law of Civil Wrongs
Tort Law & Misrepresentation

Analysis of the sample property project developed by Home Port Property in Melbourne central business district

Part A 3
Introduction 3
Home Port Property 4
Objectives of the Investor 5
Source of Funding 6
Part B 6
Discounted Cash flow Analysis 6
Conclusions and Recommendations 10
References 12

Answer to Law questions

This paper provides answer to the following 2 questions –

Question 1
John Jones was taken on to help the Local Authority set up a new IT system in January 2008. He was initially sourced through an Agency, who have paid his salary for almost three years. However, John has had no contact with the Agency since he first started working for the Local Authority and his line manager signs his weekl.....

Assignment exploring the policy and content of aspects of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) laws in Australia

Introduction 2
Duty of Care/Corporate or Personal Negligence 3
Australian Occupational Health and Safety Act Implications 5
Model Work Health and Safety Bill 5
New South Wales Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 6
Comparison between NSW 2000 ACT and the Model Bill 7
Real World Examples and Implications of the Above Laws 8
Case 1: 8
Case2 9
Case3 11
Recommendations 11
Conclusion 12

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