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Field report on "How does the Immigration Museum present the history of cultural diversity in Australia?"

This report is based on the following requirement -

Each Field Report requires three things:

1. Careful note-taking detail of what you see (as also done by an anthropologist, journalist or social history researcher); 2. An overall sense of the experience; and 3. Relevant research and background reading on the subject.

We expect you to consider how the display is organised to convey .....

Historical essay on Margaret Sanger Free Motherhood

This paper is based on the following requirements -

Prepare a 2-3 page historical essay on Margaret Sanger "Free Motherhood" . Source: Margaret Sanger. "Free Motherhood" from woman and the new race, 1920. Reprinted with permission of Alexander Sanger, Executor of the Estate of Margaret Sanger. Be sure to answer the following questions in the essay 1. How does Sanger define "free motherhood" 2......

Historical essay on Wounded Knee and the Ghost Dance

This essay is written on the following requirement -

Prepare a 2-3 page historical essay on Wounded Knee and the Ghost Dance (Battle at Wounded knee Creek 1890). The paper needs to discuss the causes of the event, the viewpoint of the Native Americans, the viewpoint of the American government and your personal thoughts on the justifications for the event. This paper is required to have histor.....

History questions on War

This paper answers the following questions -

1) What role do regional and global institutions play in resolving the wars in Syria and Iraq?

2) In your view, which revolutionary wars in history have been justified on moral grounds, and which have not?

3) What is the most important difference between classical realism and structural realism?

4) What factors are common to all wars both p.....

History questions on Word War - I

This paper answers the following questions –
1. What were the causes of the "New Imperialism" of the late nineteenth century? What were some of the arguments to justify this imperialism? What were the results or consequences of this imperialism?
2. What were the effects of Social Darwinism on Society, economics and foreign policy?
3. Discuss the causes of World War I: What were the major l.....

Paper on Why did child labour decline in Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?


Questions on Middle east politics and the contrast of 1991 Guf War & 2003 Iraq War

This paper answers the following questions -

1) What role does religion play in the Middle east? How does religion affect Politics? How, in particular, has it led to conflict in the Middle east? Please cite specific examples.

2) What explanations can be given for the relatively slow development of democracy across the Middle East?

3) Compare and Contrast the 1991 Gulf War and 2003 Iraq w.....

Questions on the history of Middle Eastern economy and politics

This essay is based on the following questions -

Describe the history of interactions between "the West" and the Middle east. How has this history affected Middle Eastern politics today?

Why has the Middle east been so slow to develop economically? Describe and analyze the most important problems of economic growth and development in the Middle east?

What explanations can be given for th.....

Report on Battle of plassey

About Robert Clive
The approach march
Order of battle
The battle begins
Death of Mir Madan Khan
Battlefield manoeuvres

Report on the History of Occupational Health and Safety Laws

This report is based on the following requirement -

Your task is to:

1. Describe the history of occupational health and safety, including the
various historical events, people and factors that have influenced the
development of our current health and safety laws.

2. Describe the current work health and safety legal framework relevant
to the jurisdiction in which you work or live, in.....

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