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A discussion on the correct course of action an auditor should adopt under different circumstances

This assignment is based on the following Auditing questions –

Auditor’s opinion regarding company’s financial statements, conditions and performance are based on mandatory requirements under the Corporations Act 2001. Specific auditing standards provide guidance to auditors in planning an audit and forming audit opinions. Refer to the following independent situations:

i. Inventory on hand .....

Audit case study

This report is based on the following case study -


Check and Tick, Chartered Accountants, have just been appointed as the auditor for ABC Plc, a company listed on the London Stock Exchange.
You are the senior manager in Check and Tick in charge of this audit. You have been provided with the following brief about ABC Plc-

ABC Plc (ABC) is a London-based manufacturer of.....

Audit plan on Cloud 9 Pty Ltd

General and Industry-specific economic trends and conditions
Competitive environment
Product information
Customer Information
Supplier information
The Effect of Technology
Laws and regulations affecting the industry
PART “B” Calculating the preliminary assessment for mat.....

Audit Plan on Energy Australia for the year ended June 30 2010

• Executive summary
• Introduction
• Audit plan
• Our understanding of the organisation and industry
• Our assessment of the business risk
• Our preliminary analytical procedures
• Our judgments of materiality level, audit risk and inherent risk
• Our assessment of internal control and control risks
• Our assessment of fraud risk
• Our audit program for 5 key account balances
• Conclusi.....

Auditing assignment on the collapse of an Australian company One.Tel

This paper answers the following assignment question –

In recent years there has been an increased emphasis on auditors using their professional judgement to obtain a better understanding of the business risks an organization is exposed to and the processes that need to be implemented to identify and respond to those risks. Similarly company directors and officers are subject to the Business j.....

Auditing case study

This report is based on the following case study -

Task details:

This isan individualassignment.

Paul Hewsonwho has extensive interest in music and fashion has set up a fashion clothes

business in July 2011, Music Fashion Ltd, with his two long term friends Larry Mullen and

Adam Clayton, and have recently listed Music Fashion Ltd on the ASX.

Larry Mullen was previously the mar.....

Auditing Plannig case study on Santos

This report is based on the following requirement -

Santos is one of the largest publicly listed companies in Australia. The company has been in the media spotlight recently due to their focus on the production of gas, highlighting the importance of ensuring financial information is presented in a true and fair manner. Santos provides an excellent case study for illust.....

Discussion on ‘Audit expectation gap’

This report is based on the following question –

Independence has always been a fundamental aspect of the accountancy profession. A
commentary in 2003 suggested the following:
There is a so called ‘audit expectation gap’, and it is associated with unreasonable
expectations of users. They want all fraud found, and a guarantee that the company will
continue forever! This is quite unreasonabl.....

Essay on Can auditors remains truly independent when conducting an annual audit of financial statements if their firms provided non-audit service to audit clients?

Executive summary on independent auditors
Introduction on assignment on independent auditors
Laws enacted to curb the independence
History of the debate on financial statement audit by independent auditors
Review of related literature of on financial statement audit
Effects of financial statement audit
Case study on independent auditors
Conclusion & Recommendations on financial .....

Is Auditing a negative activity?

This essay is based on the following topic -


“An audit is a negative activity. It produces nothing of tangible value, nor does it contribute to the general well being of society. The auditor does not create anything, but merely re-performs tasks that have already been undertaken by someone else.”

Discuss and evaluate this statement, giving your views as to the extent of its v.....

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