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Strategic audit and a report to propose new strategies

Words : 5000
    You have been hired as a consultant by a client of your choice to undertake a Strategic audit to review its current strategy and write a report proposing new strategies the company must undertake to achieve a quantum leap in growth in revenues and profits.
    This assignment is primarily designed for you to show your understanding of key concepts, theories, and models covered in this unit and apply them to business reality in the light of the organization being studied, to facilitate your learning. Be assertive to draw conclusions for your analyses and evaluations. Besides searching for literature or publications, you are encouraged to interview managers/owners in the organization you have selected.
    Task 1 Strategic Audit - 8 A4 Pages
     Analyze the current strategic position using external environment analysis (MACRO, MICRO) (5 Marks)
     Analyze the current strategic position using Internal strategic analysis tools (5 Marks)
     Critically evaluate the current innovation record of the organisation (10 Marks)
     Critically evaluate the leadership style used by the organization and discuss its
    advantages and disadvantages (5 marks)
     Analyze the limitations in the organizations structure and culture inhibiting
    performance (5 marks) (30 Marks)
    Task 2 Formal Report - The length of the report should not exceed 3,000 words.
     Provide a brief introduction to the organization selected and set the context for your consultancy recommendations (5 Marks)
     Propose new strategic options for the organisation and discuss as to how the company can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage? (10 Marks)
     Propose a new organizational structure, leadership style, culture and change management to support the chosen strategic options (10 Marks)
     Identify and review the practices available to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the organization and how it contributes to the overall strategy of
    the organization


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