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Public versus Private - Two sectors for the economic growth

Words : 1500
    Write a full-length essay of 1500 words on the following topic:
    Public versus Private: Two sectors for the economic growth
    For the economic growth of a country, there should be at least two sectors moving side by side: public and private. Although in the old days, only the public sector had to be there, because of the policy of privatisation, many countries chose to create new opportunities so that more individuals can contribute to the county’s growth. While, private sector has now become important and an economic opportunity, it has its own challenges simply because it has to compete not only with other private sector competitors but with the public sector as well.
    Which sector is more important for a country to develop? Why?Write a full-length essay of 1500 words. To complete this Assignment you have to review the available literature on the topic and conduct a survey among students and/or teachers to discoverhow they think and why?


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