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Assignment on Performance Management System and employee rights and procedures on exit from an organization

Words : 1900
    For this assignment, you are advised to pick 2 Dubai based organizations of your choice. You have plan an interview questionnaire and conduct interviews with relevant personnel at these organizations of your choice. Each report must be individual and free of plagiarism.
    Task 1 – For one of the organizations you have chosen for this project:
    1. Explain the methods that this organization implements to monitor employee
    performance. (max. 400 words) (L03, Assessment criteria 3.4)
    2. Describe the various mechanisms to reward performance and link it with any ONE of
    the motivational theories. In your opinion, are these reward systems effective? (max. 500 words) (L03, Assessment criteria 3.1, 3.3)
    Task 2 – Answer the following questions with reference to Employee Exit Procedures A. Explain the various reasons that employees exit organizations. (max. 200 words) (L04,Assessment criteria 4.1)
    B. Compare and contrast the Employee Exit procedure of both the organizations of your choice, in Dubai. Comment on the UAE Law pertaining to Employee Exit and its impact on the company policies. (max. 400 words) (L04,Assessment criteria 4.1 & 4.2)
    Task 3 - What is Job Evaluation? Explain the process of Job Evaluation. Do the organizations you have interviewed use job evaluation? Explain how they do it. (max. 400 words) (L03, Assessment criteria 3.2)


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