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Marketing principles assignment on Shenzhen Telecom

Words : 3000
    Shenzhen Telecom:
    Shenzhen Telecom imports / assembles and markets the branded fixed line phones (CDMA, Codeless Phones, CLI Land Lines etc) ‘S-Tel’. The company which was incorporated in 1992 and it is equipped with the state of the art factory. Shenzhen had partnered with a telecom company in Hong-Kong. The company has wide dealer network which has resulted into distribute products island wide (available island wide). Due to rapid growth of sales, it has received a substantial quantum of cash to be invested, and the Board of Directors has decided to grow the organisation further by diversifying into mobile phones. The marketing team has come up with a brand name “Tecno”, and working on creating a slogan.
    From the given details, answer the following questions.
    Task 1: Understand the concepts and process of Marketing(Covers LO 01 and AC 1.1, 1.2)
    Explain the various elements in the marketing process that the management should take into consideration when moving into marketing mobile phones. Your answer should be illustrated with relevant marketing concepts. (AC1.1)
    In modern volatile business environment to stay ahead of competition, it is important that companies should be marketing oriented. Evaluate the benefits and the costs of being marketing oriented for Shenzhen Telecom? (AC1.2)
    Task 2: Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning (Covers LO 02 and AC 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5)
    2.1 Explain how both macro and micro environment factors would affect the marketing decisions of the new division Shenzhen Telecom. (AC2.1)
    2.2 Propose segmentation criteria that Shenzhen Telecom could adapt to market mobile phones (AC 2.2)
    2.3 What could be the ideal target market for Shenzhen’s mobile phones? Justify why you have selected that the particular segment to be targeted. (AC 2.3)
    2.4 Demonstrate the buyer behaviour for mobile phones and explain how buyer behaviour could affect the marketing activities when marketing to end users and resellers. (AC 2.4)
    2.5 Propose a positioning strategy that Shenzhen Telecom could adopt for mobile phones “Tecno”, (AC 2.5)
    Task 3: Marketing Mix (Covers LO 03 and AC 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5)
    3.1 Explain how new developed product (mobile phones) would help to sustain the competitive advantage of Shenzhen Telecom. (AC 3.1)
    3.2 Explain how the distribution should be arranged to make the mobile phones available island wide. (AC 3.2)
    3.3 Explain how prices should be set to achieve the organisation’s objectives and market conditions. (AC 3.3)
    3.4 Propose effective ways to implement promotional activities be used to achieve marketing objectives with suitable illustrations. (AC 3.4)
    Attempt sub task 3.5 using following instructions
    The management has decided to open its own outlets in strategic locations with an in-house repair & service facilities (mobile software upgrade, troubleshoot etc).
    3.5 Analyse and explain how the extended marketing mix would be useful in Shenzhen’s own showrooms giving emphasis to the in house repair and service operation. (AC 3.5)
    Task 4: Use Marketing Mix in Different Context (Covers LO 04 and AC 4.1, 4.2,4.3)
    4.1 Illustrate how you would develop marketing mixes for fixed lines and mobile phones in the consumer market. (AC 4.1)
    4.2 Illustrate differences in marketing activities carried out when Shenzhen Telecom is catering directly to consumers and marketing to retailers. (AC 4.2)
    4.3 Suppose the management of Shenzhen decided to export their products to Africa. How marketing Shenzhen products in Sri Lanka would be different compared to marketing in Africa and explain as to why these differences would arise. (AC 4.3)


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