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International Marketing Planning

Words : 3000
    International Marketing Planning
    Prepare solutions for international marketing problems through the application of knowledge and understanding of relevant theory and practices.
    Method of assessment
    Presented as a 3,000 (excluding content list, appendices, and reference list) word report that covers the learning outcomes.
    Required tasks
    Brand: Twinkie https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twinkie
    Type: Snack cake
    Company: Hostess Brands, Inc.
    Place of origin: United States America
    Entry to chosen market: Singapore
    The plan must include a brief analysis of the market to assess its level of attractiveness for your chosen brand, a detailed discussion on the relevant areas of the international marketing mix, a comprehensive justification of your recommended marketing strategy and method of entry / operations.
    The selected brand must be suitable for distribution via a supermarket, department store or similar outlet and NOT via online only distribution channel
    It is anticipated that the assignment can be completed from public sources of
    information (e.g. databases, annual reports, press reports, websites, and promotional literature, etc.); if you wish to contact any organisation, then the explicit prior permission of the module co-ordinator MUST be obtained
    The company can be a large or small multinational, global or multi-regional company
    The suggested outline international market entry plan:
    Justification and evaluation of selected market via SWOT analysis (20%) [LO1]
    Suitability of international marketing objective and strategy (10%) [LO1]
    Suitability of international segmentation, targeting and positioning (20%) [LO1]
    Suitability of market entry recommendations (10%) [LO1]
    Suitability of marketing mix recommendations (20%) [LO1]
    Presentation, structure and referencing (10%) [LO1]
    Overall impression of understanding of international marketing concepts and techniques
    gained from engagement with scholarly literature (10%) [LO1]
    Recommended book to reference:
    Guide for Developing an International Marketing Plan (Cateora, Graham, and
    Gilly, 2019; Ghauri & Cateora, 2014; Ghauri & Cateora 2010)


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