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Assignment on High Performance Working (HPW)

Words : 3000
    High performance working (HPW) is one response being made by organisations to meet the demands of change and the increasing needs faced by many of mass customisation and fulfilment of individual customers’ needs. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) definition of HPW refers to flatter non-hierarchical structures; moving away from reliance on management control towards team-working; autonomous working based on high levels of trust, communication and involvement. Jeffrey Pfeffer in his book The Human Equation, claimed not only were people at the heart of business success, but that the management requirement could be reduced to a set of key HR policies. Pfeffer argued that the closer organisations get to this list, the better performance is likely to be. This seems to characterise most if not all of the systems producing profits through people.
    HRM Policy (input) Company Performance (output)
    1. Employment security and internal labour markets
    2. Selective hiring and sophisticated selection
    3. Extensive training, learning and development
    4. Employee involvement and participation, worker voice
    5. Self-managed teams/team-working
    6. High compensation contingent on performance
    7. Performance review, appraisal and career development
    8. Reduction of status differences/harmonisation
    9. Work-life balance
    Source: Compiled from a number of sources but initially adapted significantly from Pfeffer, J. ‘The Human Equation’. Boston Press 1998
    Produce a professional report of no more than 3000 words, addressed to your organisation’s MD/CEO, on the tasks stated below. Include cost-effective recommendations and an action plan to improve effectiveness, add value to the business.
    Ensure your report has sufficient academic rigour to support your arguments and conclusions and to guarantee its credibility in the eyes of the organisation.
    NB: Appendices should not be included unless they add substantial benefits; Recommendations should pass the ‘immediate implementation test’.
    Key Tasks:
    Critically discuss what is meant by High Performance Working (HPW).
    Given the nine key areas identified above, critically discuss the extent to which high performance working is evident in your own organisation.
    Make recommendations leading to an action plan based upon your findings, to improve performance in your organisation, clearly stating how it can add value to the business performance. Recommendations must be timely and fully justified stating clearly costs and benefits and any further implications to the organisation.


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