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Finance report on foreign exchange market

    Choose ONE topic from either: share market or foreign exchange market. Select at least two regions (or subregions) such as Europe, Asia, Africa, (or Eastern / Western Europe, Southeast / East Asian), and compare the policy or market, discussing the similarities and differences between the regions.
    The topic you chose could be a specific financial instrument/market or broader view of the market structure. Report recent developments on the issue, and discuss and predict further development for this year. Explain your predictions.
    The objective of this assignment is to apply your theoretical knowledge to analyse a current financial market related issue. By doing that students can gain broader understanding of global and domestic financial system related issues. The assignment is to be word-processed and presented in business report format. It should include in the following order: a letter (or a memo) of transmittal (addressed to the tutor stating that the assignment report is being submitted and also briefly describing in one or two sentences the significance of the issue/s addressed in the report), title page, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, body, conclusions, appendices and bibliography. Please note: there is no need to give purpose, scope, method, limitations and assumptions in your report.
    Students should start their research for the report by reading the prescribed textbook for this subject. Thereafter, students can obtain additional research material from many sources such as The Australian Financial Review, The Australian and The Age. Students can also search periodicals such as Business Review Weekly, The Economist, Shares, Personal Investor and any other business/finance journals or newspapers for additional articles. Data could be obtained from the library databases.
    Attach any important information such as current newspaper articles, journal articles or reports relating to the topic in the appendices, which should be numbered as I, II and III so on but will carry the usual page numbers. However, make sure to attach only very relevant information and do not attach all reference newspaper/journal articles. Students must retain a copy of the assignment for their reference.
    Word limit 2000 words


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