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Ethics case study

Words : 2000
    You are required to research ONE of the 3 topics outlined below:
    The AWB scandal
    Uproar in India's 'Valley of Gods' over green ruling: http://www.msn.com/en-au/travel/news/uproar-in-indias-valley-of-gods-over-green-ruling/ar-BBm31Wg?ocid=iehp (msn.com.au 25/8/2015)
    7 Eleven Pay issue:
    2000 word-written report
    Answer the questions and points below as they apply to the topic you have chosen from the 3 options listed on the previous page
    1. Present the Case Study. Identify and analyse the issues and the implications.
    For example: What is this about? What are the key issues? Who is involved?
    2. Discuss the issues in your case study in the context of Ethics studied this semester.


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