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Critical analysis of current EBusiness strategy of a multinational company

Words : 3000
    E-Business An individual written assignment of 3000 words (Learning Outcomes 1,
    2 & 3)
    For a multinational organisation of your choice, carry out a critical analysis of their current
    EBusiness strategy: The report must include the following three elements:
     Element 1 (LO1 assessed) – an analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the adoption
    and utilisation of digital technologies in the industry of your selected organisation. (30%)
     Element 2 (LO2 & LO3 assessed) – an evaluation of how your selected organisation has managed to
    cope, adapt or survive during the pandemic. What are the implications for the organisation
    operating in this industry, for instance, on their supply chain, eCRM, reintermediation or
    disintermediation strategies, etc.? (30%)
     Element 3 (LO1 assessed) – a discussion and recommendation(s) on how the use of social media or
    social commerce can assist your chosen organisation in addressing issues such as customer
    behaviour, post-covid-19. (30%) In addition, marks will be awarded for the overall presentation,
    argument and understanding, use of sources and evidence, academic referencing and written
    communication (10%) You must ensure that you use academic theories, frameworks and models to
    support your discussion throughout the report. This is an individual assignment and contributes
    100% to the overall marks for the module. The report must be 3000 words in length (+/- 10%). You
    may include appendices citing relevant data, images, samples, etc. provided you refer to them
    directly in your report. You must also include a full list of references including images, using the
    Harvard system.


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