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Assignment on category of workers

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    Listed below are some groups/categories of employees with whom you invariably closely interact in your daily work/family lives. These interactions may be by way of been their colleagues, supervisors and or subordinates. In some cases you might simply be getting their services, observing them at their respective work places and so on. For the propose of this assignment, firstly, you are required to select one of these categories of employees about whom you have a special interest and also about whose work lives you area able to gather in-depth detailed information. The categories (as I have thought out) include:
    Officers of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS)
    Doctors of the Government Medical Service
    Staff Officers of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka
    Administrative Staff of State Universities
    Teaching Staff of Government Schools
    Cadet Officers of the Sri Lankan Army
    Nursing Staff of State Hospitals
    Sales Staff (Cashiers, Helpers) of privately owned Supermarkets
    Cleaning Staff of privately owned Cleaning Services
    Security Officers of privately owned Security Firms
    Delivery Staff engaged in providing Courier Services
    Sewing Machine Operators of Apparel Factories
    Plucking Workers of State owned/or privately owned Plantation Estates
    Call Center Staff attached to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Centers
    Nursing Staff of privately owned Medical Institutions
    Teaching Staff of privately owned/ ‘international’ Schools
    (You may select any other employee group that is of interest to you. However, you need to discuss this with me and get approval before commencing work on the paper.)
    Once you have selected a category of workers from among this list you are required to write a report where you critically explain the ways in which Recruitment and Selection, Orientation, Training and Development, Career Planning, Performance Appraisal, Wages and Salaries, Health and Safety, Disciplinary Procedures, Grievance Handling, Settlement of Industrial Disputes and Retirement Procedures - as you have learned in this course - applies to your selected group of employees.
    For example if you select ‘Female Sewing Machine Operators of Apparel Factories’ as the focus of your study, as a second step, you are required to select one or more work settings/garment factories, to which you can negotiate access (i.e. from where you can gather data needed for the study). Thirdly, you need to think of method(s) of data collection (i.e. interview the workers, have brief discussions with HR dept staff, collect related documents ect.) in relation to all HR practices you intend to know and write about.
    The data you generate through any one or a combination of above methods should then be compiled into a report where you critically explain how these workers are selected to work in garment factories, whether they receive any induction to the organization and if so the nature of such programs, the concepts of ‘training, development and career planning’ as applies to these workers, how their performance is assessed, , determination and payment of their salaries and other related benefits, settlement of disputes and grievances as these workers may be subjected to and so on.
    The theoretical framework around which you are expected to weave your paper should be designed to suite the context of employment you are writing about. i.e. a paper focusing on Executive Staff of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka will obviously include aspects of HR practices that might not be relevant in a paper about female plantation workers and vice versa. Simply, the theoretical aspects discussed in the paper needs to blend in with the complex and diverse contexts within which your selected group of workers live and work.
    The ultimate successfulness of your paper will depend on the extent to which you have been able to synthesis the primary data generated through interaction with the participants of your study, theories and concepts of HR as you have learned in class, and your own critical analysis of the situations under study.
    Your paper should have a title page, cover page (you need to download an assignment cover page, complete it properly and attach it in front of the assignment), content page and a list of references. Any additional material may be annexed to the end of the report.


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