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Assessment of a Srilankan Company who has implemented or used technology and information system to gain competitive advantage

Words : 4000
    Assess your organization or a public quoted company in Sri Lanka, which has
    implemented or uses technology and information systems to gain competitive
    advantage in this global context.
    Critically evaluate,
    1. The relevance of the 2 statements to Sri Lankan organizations.
    2. How technology and information systems have impacted the organization,
    especially challenges to people and organizational development as a whole.
    3. What are the solutions or strategies that could be adopted to ensure that staff
    motivation, a positive climate and culture exists.
    4. Provide an appropriate conclusion of your study conceptualizing the new
    findings through your work.
    Assessment criteria
    1. Clear analysis the 2 statements and its relevance to Sri Lanka context - (15%)
    2. A factual and realistic comparison of the organizations current position and
    challenges - (20%)
    3. A practical solution or strategy to overcome the challenges in the organization
    – (20%)
    4. An appropriate logical conclusion with substance – (20%)
    5. Depth and understanding of the subject in relevance to appropriate theory –
    6. Format and flow of the report (including proper referencing) - (10%)


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