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Exporting assignment on Moose and Walrus

Words : 3500

The Task

Moose & Walrus (M&W) is a manufacturer of a popular line of clothing for young people. M&W is firmly established in its home market, which is relatively saturated and has little prospects for future sales growth. Top management has decided to export M&W’s clothing line to Japan, Turkey, and various

European countries. Suppose you are hired by M&W to assist with internationalisation. Prepare a

briefing for senior managers that describes:

1. The advantages and disadvantages of exporting

2. A systematic approach to exporting

3. A systematic approach to managing export-import transactions.

4. Export payment methods

What factors should M&W consider regarding the possible need to adapt its clothing styles for its target markets?

Essentially this is an academic exercise, and therefore the depth and thoroughness of research is central to the task. Key points include: a discussion of exporting - its meaning, purpose, merits, weaknesses if any, etc.; applying it to M&W in relation to various markets discussed above; and at the end providing some recommendations upon reflection of the research undertaken – in your opinion how useful will this exporting be for M&W.

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