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Questions on International business and global strategies

Critically discuss the importance of creating International Business opportunities and identify the issues and challenges for promoting International Businesses in Sri Lanka 3
2. Critically examine the potential of your organization / business to become a multinational cooperation. 4
3. Critically analyze the required corporate and global strategies needed when a company decides to move into mul.....

Business plan for an entertainment centre in Srilanka

Executive Summery 2
1. Preface 5
1.1. Limitation 6
1.2. Vision 7
1.3. Mission 7
1.4. Description of the Business 7
1.5. Location 9
1.6. Services provided 9
1.6.1. Kids’ entertainment 9
1.6.2. Restaurant 11
1.7. Out Line of the business 12
2. SWOT Analysis 14
2.1. Strengths 14
2.2. Weaknesses 16
2.3. Opportunities 17
2.4. Threats 18
3. Financial Plan 21
3.1. Investment Budget 21

Business plan on Yellow Stone Safari Services

Executive Summary 2
Introduction 6
Vision 6
Mission 6
Description of the Business 6
Location 7
Services to be offered 7
Outline of the entire business 7
Limitation 8
Industry Analysis 8
SWOT analysis for the tourism industry in Sri Lanka 8
Strengths 8
Weaknesses 8
Opportunities 9
Threats 9
SWOT analysis for the Yellow Stone Safari Services 9
Strengths 9
Weaknesses 10

PESTEL Analysis of Yellow stone safari services for Tourism in Srilanka

• Political factors
• Economic factors
• Social factors
• Technological factors
• Legal factors
• Environmental factors

A comparative study of trade restrictions in selected countries

This paper seeks to make a comparative research analysis of trade restrictions in various countries. Such trade restrictions are concerned with barriers to trade, that certain governments promote in order to safeguard their domestic producers (and sometimes consumers too) against international competitors or trade practices, which the government deems unfit for the internal environment of the econ.....

Financial Management & Analysis report on 2 companies from Srilankan Telecommunication industry

This report is based on the following requirement -

1. Your are required to select any two (2) companies within any one of the following
i. Retail
ii. Banking
iii. Telecommunication / Technology
iv. Energy / Petroleum
v. Aviation
vi. Pharmaceutical and
vii. Food

2. Obtain financially relevant information for each of your chosen companies for a pe.....

Marketing plan for Munchee brand Chocolate Marie biscuit

Introduction 3
About The Company and Product 3
Mission and Vision 4
Current Market Analysis 4
Marketing Objectives and Goals 4
Competition Analysis 5
Market Size and Growth 6
Pricing 7
Present Positioning 8
Value Propositions 9
Key Marketing Issues Faced By the Brand 9
Environmental Analysis 10
Position Audit 12
Proposed marketing plan for 2 years 14
Marketing Mix 15
Segmentation an.....

Report critically evaluating the impact of technology and information systems to the Sri Lankan organizations

Introduction 2
Critical Evaluation of Impact of Technology and Information Systems to the Organizations 2
About Dialog Axiata PLC 6
Impact of Technology and Information System to Dialog Telecom Plc. 8
Solutions and Strategies for Positive Organizational Climate 12
Conclusion 15
References 16

Report on Corporate Reputation Management at SriLankan Airlines

Introduction 2
Critical Evaluation of Corporate Reputation Management at SriLankan Airlines 2
Analysis of Reputation using Stakeholder Mapping and Perception Mapping 4
Recommendations for Reputation Management Strategy 5
Implementation Issues 7
Conclusion 8
References 9

Essay on Building a Brand Strategy through Brand Equity

Introduction 2
Branding and Brand Equity 2
Conclusion 5
References 6

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