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Below are Essay & Assignments tackled by us on Accounting

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  • ‘A historical analysis of ‘The Valad Property Group’ the application of accounting standards where applicable, and information derived from the economic society(s) and info sphere within which that company operates’
  • Valad Property Group (VPG) is an REIT listed on the ASX since 2002. It showed consistent growth and profits from 2002-07 but has been hard hit by the global credit crunch and the uncertainty in the global property market. Its decision to expand operations to Europe through large acquisitions in 2007, increased its exposure to the volatile global market, led to significant write-offs and contributed to VPG’s underperformance over 2007-09. However, the company has worked towards reducing its large gearing, stabilising and streamlining its operations through FY09. Given VPG’s current low market value, solid international funds and property portfolio, experienced management and recent capital raising drives, it is poised to grow once again when the market recovers. ... Less

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  • Analysis of the arguments and position of the author in the paper - The Case for Global Accounting Standards - Arguments and Evidence
  • In the paper, “The case for global accounting standards: Arguments and Evidence”, Ann Tarca, factually summarises the various benefits that have come to light through various studies on effects of IFRS in the pre and post adoption phase. The author takes a stand, which criticises and analyses, by raising proper evidence with reference to the effect of IFRS on various entities in different settings. Although the paper largely outlines the benefits of the IFRS, the paper is also critical in giving due credit to factors supporting the success of the IFRS. The author also presents scenarios where the IFRS have not been very successful and the paradox and barriers impeding the success of the standards. We analyse here these effects whether it has been beneficial or otherwise for the stakeholders ... Less

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  • Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Environmental Management Accounting – A case study for AMP’
  • This paper answers the following questions on the case study –

    1. (a) Define environmental management accounting and explain how AMP accounted for its environmental impacts at the commencement of the case study (3 marks, ½ page)
    (b) Why did AMP participate in this case study? (3 marks, ½ page)

    2. Identify and explain five changes that AMP made to its management accounting system in order to improve the provision of information about its environmental impacts (6 marks, up to 1 page)

    3. How are environmental costs defined for the purpose of this case study and identify and explain four benefits for companies in the service sector with office environments that may result from the identification of environmental costs (4 marks, ½ page)

    4. Identify the environmental impacts of Services@ AMP’s activities and explain how the environmental impacts are dealt with in the management accounting system (8 marks, 1 page)

    5. Identify and explain four changes that could be made to AMP’s accounting system that could improve the availability of information on the costs and quantities associated with AMP’s main environmental impacts (8 marks, 1 page)

    6. Identify the five relevant costs for selected environmental inputs and outputs at AMP and their percentage of total costs (4 marks, ½ page)

    7. Identify the breakdown of costs for the top 50 items ordered by AMP cost centres for a 6-month period and identify four opportunities to reduce the costs and environmental impacts associated with stationery (7 marks, up to 1 page).

    8. Identify and explain three possible benefits resulting from the separation of costs for environmental inputs and outputs from the rent as identified in the waste audit (7 marks, up to 1 page).

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  • Analysis of the famous Sampa Video Case
  • N/A ... Less

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  • Assignment analysing the changing trends in performance measurement systems, financial as well as non financial
  • This assignment is based on the following assignment description –

    1. Identify subsequent important academic publications that identify the development of new financial and non-financial performance measurement models from the 1990s to the present day. Critically evaluate how they explain, expand, or critique the theory developed by Johnson and Kaplan. The work of Stern-Stewart on Economic Value Added and Kaplan/Norton on the balanced scorecard provide good examples and are obvious starting points. Some seminal articles are provided for you in the learning materials, however, higher marks will be awarded to students who research relevant up-to date articles and are able to critically evaluate and synthesise these articles. This is the main body of the assignment and should show that you have researched a number of academic articles that trace the developments up to the present day. Higher marks will be gained for critically evaluating and synthesising the literature, rather than merely describing each article in turn.

    2. Assess the impact of the new ideas on both companies and consultants. This can de done by finding specific case studies or academic surveys that have been undertaken on a number of companies.

    3. Conclude by summarising the literature and considering the extent to which the subsequent developments have overcome the original criticisms of Johnson and Kaplan.
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  • Assignment on Australian bodies, Australian Accounting standards and Whistleblowing
  • This assignment answers the following questions –

    Part A

    In recent times Australia has weathered cyclones, bushfires, droughts and floods which have significant impacts on Australian businesses.
    What guidance do
    AASB102 Inventories,
    AASB139 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement,
    AASB136 Impairment of Assets,
    AASB137 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets,
    AASB 116 Property, Plant and Equipment
    AASB120 Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance

    offer business in terms of:
    • Accounting for inventories damaged or destroyed,
    • The collectability of financial assets and impairment losses,
    • The impairment of goodwill and intangibles assets,
    • onerous contracts
    • The costs of purchasing, restoring or constructing damaged or destroyed items of property plant and equipment.
    • Compensation from insurance policies and government

    Part B
    Whistleblowing –
    • What is it?
    • Is there a prima facie duty to report such business behaviours?
    • Is there an obligation under the 2001 Corporations Act?
    • Are there safeguards for the protection of those who disclose such information?


    Part C
    How well do you know your professional accounting bodies?
    • CPA Australia
    • Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
    • Institute of Public Accountants

    Distinguish between each and between their professional recognition criteria for membership status

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  • Assignment on Concept and Application of Fair Value Accounting
  • Among the traditional methods of accounting the financial instruments, fair value accounting has been widely used by organizations. Under this method of accounting, the assets and other financial instruments used for trading purpose are calculated on marked to market basis. The majority of financial instruments are recorded at the market value which is against the traditional method of historical cost accounting. Any method used for accounting is indeed of valuable importance as large part and a lion’s share of the financial statements of any company comprises of financial instruments. The records show that in the last couple of years various steps have been taken by the national and international government to take this method of accounting to a wider range which will cover all assets and liabilities of a company.

    The paper reviews the concept and application of fair value accounting and particularly to its widespread application to company’s financial instruments. The paper also looks at practical applicability of fair value accounting in particular to financial instruments. The first part of the report goes on to tell the advantages and drawbacks from this tool of accounting when used to measure financial instruments. The second part of the report analyzes fair value accounting and its application to Australian market. Finally, the paper rounds off with a conclusion.

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  • Assignment on Ethical Considerations in Accounting choice
  • Ethical issues in accounting have gained prominence in academic discussion recently. This has been because of several accounting lapses and organizational failures across the globe which led many countries into recession. We will briefly discuss how ethics can be defined. We will move on to discuss several accounting decisions which are not acceptable. We will discuss socially unacceptable accounting decisions, illegal accounting decisions and unethical accounting decisions. We will briefly discuss several choices under each of them. Finally the assignment will be evaluated and conclusions will be made with suggestions that can be implemented in future for better accounting choices.

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  • Assignment on Non-Financial Performance Measure tools
  • 1. Introduction 3
    2. Non financial performance measure tools 3
    2.1. Performance measurement dimension 4
    2.2. Types 5
    2.3. Advantages 5
    3. Current performance measure adopted in the organization 6
    4. Balance scorecard 7
    5. Current performance measure tool vis-à-vis balance scorecard 9
    6. Evaluation 10
    6.1. Strength of current performance measure tool 10
    6.2. Weakness of current performance measure tool 11
    7. Recommendations 12
    8. Conclusion 13

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  • Assignment on the application of management accounting principles to its varied products and services of HSBC Bank, Amanah
  • To complete this project report, HSBC bank has been chosen to analyze application of management accounting principles to its varied products and services and its deliverance to customers. HSBC Amanah is a fastest rowing bank in Muslim community and saw its emergence in 1998. The bank has been operational from 1998 and caters to diverse needs of customers who are Muslim. HSBC is an international bank and at present has over 300 offices covering areas of Middle East, Asia, Pacific, America and European countries.

    The topic of study is HSBC Amanah which is one of the largest growing Islamic banks catering to the needs of Muslims by serving them with attractive financial products and lucrative financial schemes to population of Islam. HSBC Amanah is headquartered at Dubai and accounts for about 4 Billion USD assets to serve the varied financial needs of Muslim population. The financial products offered by the bank are in accordance with the Sharia principles and through this project, we aim at explaining the management accounting and its application to financial products to manage banking operations
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