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Case study Project on a Telecommunication company in Australia

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    This assessment is a case study based project. The objective of this assignment is to develop skills and knowledge required to manage the ongoing relationship with a customer, which includes assisting the customer to articulate their needs, meeting customer needs and managing networks to ensure customer needs are addressed. The customer relationship would typically involve direct interaction a number of times over an extended period.
    Your assessor will be marking you against a competency checklist to ensure you have met the requirements of each of the relevant competencies. These competency checklists are marked as Satisfactory (S) or Not Satisfactory (NS). The final outcome of this assessment is satisfactory or not satisfactory. This assessment must be submitted with completed assessment cover sheet.
    Competency Grading
    In order to be assessed as competent the student is required to achieve “Satisfactory” result in each performance criteria and required skills and knowledge of the unit of competency at least in one of the assessments. Where the candidate receives a not satisfactory (NS) for an assessment then the candidate is eligible to undertake re-assessment and there will be additional charges for reassessment. Please check the College's assessment policy for more details. The policy can be found in the Student Handbook or from Student Services.
    Assessment Guide Lines
    You are required to attempt all tasks.
    Breaches of assessment /exam protocol such as collusion with other students or plagiarism may result in a Not Satisfactory determination in accordance with college policy.
    Answers must be legible, with correct spelling and grammar.
    This project has a research based report .
    Choose any of the big telecommunication companies in Australia, such as Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, TPG etc. or any groceries supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths, Aldi or IGA etc. Go to their websites and find out their marketing strategies or customer needs addressing strategies. Based on your research answer the following task:
    Task 1:
    Brief introduction of the business.
    Task 2:
    Discuss the methods you chosen business is using to explore, understand and agree customer needs, also discuss which products and services business is selling to meet customer needs? (PC-1.1 & 1.2)
    Task 3:
    Describe how your chosen business communicates rights and responsibilities of the customers, also discus which important laws your chosen business follows? (PC-1.3)
    How you chosen organisation is assisting customers to evaluate service and/or product options to satisfy their needs and explain possibilities of your business for meeting customer needs. (PC- 2.1 & 2.2)
    Discuss policies and procedures of your chosen organisation for determining and prioritising the action plan to satisfy customers’ needs. (Pc- 2.3)
    Task 6:
    As valuable customer of your chosen business, Identify potential areas of difficulty in in customer service delivery and discuss the action organisation is taking to improve. (Pc-2.4).
    Task 7:
    Discuss different methods, which your chosen organisation uses to establish effective and regular communication with customers. (PC-3.1)
    Task 8:
    Your chosen organisation must be doing something to establish, maintain and expand relevant networks to ensure appropriate referral of customers to products and services from within and outside the organisation. Discuss what they do? (Pc-3.2)
    Task 9:
    You organisation must have policies and procedures to make sure customer service is based on up to date information about customer, products, services and customer needs match with availability of products and services. Access these policies and procedures on the website and discuss the importance of developing these policies and procedures. (PC-3.3 & 3.4)
    Task 10.
    Access organisational procedures of your chosen business; discuss how they maintain customer records while keeping budget and cost of recording in mind? (Pc-3.5)


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