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Jobs vs Entrepreneurship - A Comparative Analysis report for Ministry of Higher Education in Oman

Words : 2000


More than half of Omanis remain unemployed after graduating from colleges in the Sultanate, a survey conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has revealed (Times of Oman, 2016). Students after their graduation struggle to get a job as the number of graduates every year exceed the number of jobs available, both in the public and the private sectors. The Public Establishment for SME Development (Riyada) aims to promote entrepreneurial culture in the country to strike a balance between self-employment and jobs. In order to make an effective policy to promote self-employment culture, it is crucial for the government authorities to explore the current trend among students regarding the advantages and disadvantages of self-business and regular salaried employment.


The Public Establishment for SME Development (Riyada) intends to find out how students perceive the value of having their own business as compared to having a public or a private job. The purpose of this report is to seek recommendations for future graduates to take the right decision in opting a life career for themselves. You, as a fresh graduate, have been asked to write a report on “Jobs vs Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Analysis”. The CEO of Riyada Mr. Abdullah Al-Abri (pseudo name) has asked for this report. The report has to be submitted by 6pm on 7th of November, 2018 via Turnitin.

Follow business report structure taught in the class to present this report and give recommendations based on the analysis of your findings. Address the following points in your report;
1: Discuss the current situation with regard to entrepreneurial as well as job opportunities in the Sultanate.
2: Present a comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business and having a job based on the categories given below.
3: Give recommendations (at least 10) to The Public Establishment for SMEs Development (Riyada) in order to develop a policy to guide future graduates.
Consider the following prompts to structure your thoughts. You may want to add more points to the following list ONLY in consultation with your class lecturer.
   •   Fixed vs flexible timetable
   •   Fixed and limited income
   •   Job creators vs Job seekers
   •   Stability and Reliability
   •   Enhanced interaction
   •   Skills development
   •   Capital/Funds
   •   Social life/Contacts
   •   Infrastructure
   •   Quality of life
   •   Risk/Uncertainty
   •   Stress
   •   Vacations
   •   Money management
   •   Mind set of Employee and employer
   •   Benefit for future generations
   •   Role in the economic development of the country
   •   Meeting family expenditures

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