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Challenges for local businesses in Oman

Words : 1500

•   What are the challenges for local businesses in Oman?

Small businesses play an essential part in any society to enhance economy for the country. Initially, they facilitate the businessmen to experiment their ideas in a market. Once they become successful, they tend to attract talent who invent new products or implement new solutions for existing ideas. Of late, it has been observed that not many such ideas are potential for expansion in Oman because of various reasons. What are the challenges for local businesses in Oman? How can these small businesses overcome such challenges? In what way can the government and the society support Omani small businesses to operate more successfully?
Write a full-length essay of 1500 words. To complete this Assignment you have to review the available literature on the topic and conduct a survey among students and / or teachers to discover how they think and why?

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