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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Reflective Review

Assignment 2 is a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Reflective Review and supporting Portfolio with the following elements:
A 3,000 word (+/-10%) reflective review of your academic, professional and personal learning and development experience and forward agenda in relation to your aims, aspirations and capabilities (knowledge, skills, attitudes and other attributes) and their actual and intended outcomes.

Include attention to your leadership and management capabilities and outcomes in relation to the CIPD Profession Map (Professional Standards), with particular attention to the Profession Map ‘Behaviours’.

The reflective review of experience covers at least the previous 3-5 years.

The reflective forward agenda review covers at least the next 3-5 years.

Please use 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing

Support your written assignment with the following 2 required Appendices.
1. Up to date CV – maximum 2,500 words (a 2 page CV is recommended; minimum 800 words)
2. Development Record and Development Plan – maximum 2,500 words
   •   Development Record – based on previous 12 months (minimum, 800 words)
   •   Development Plan – oriented to next 12 months (minimum, 800 words)

Further Guidance
The written assignment reflective review needs to cover a broader agenda than past 12 months and next 12 months, e.g., it could be relevant to reflect in the review on what you learned from significant events during your secondary education, e.g., subject choices at age 16 and subsequent degree choices at whatever age these choices were made. Also there may have been important events outside formal schooling that are significant, e.g., hobbies, interests, voluntary activities etc that are relevant to your professional agenda. Similarly your forward agenda is likely to be oriented at least to the next 3 years. For some of you your forward agenda may be oriented to longer time scales, e.g., where you would like to be as a professional people manager in 10 years’ time or beyond and the kind of outcomes you envisage contributing to.

   •   The written assignment – 3,000 words (reflection on previous 3-5 years and next 3-5 years)
   •   An up to date CV – maximum 2,500 words (2 pages is sufficient)
   •   A Development Record and A Development Plan – maximum 2,500 words (previous 12 months and next 12 months only)
Some of the material in the written assignment will use material presented in the CV and in the Development Record and Development Plan.

You may provide additional supporting documentation if you would find it helpful to develop a more extensive CPD portfolio in relation to your continuing professional development.
For example you may find it helpful to prepare a detailed background review of your academic, professional and personal learning and development in relation to the CIPD’s Profession Map
Preparing a detailed background review in relation to the CIPD’s Profession Map can support you in planning and writing up your WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT REFLECTIVE REVIEW.
The reflective review is likely to include attention to a range of activities, including:
   •   Work based learning
   •   Personal learning
   •   Formal learning
   •   Informal learning

And in relation to activities do ensure you:
   •   Reflect on each activity or learning opportunity
   •   Demonstrate what you will do differently because of the learning gained
   •   Evidence relevant aspects of CIPD Profession Map ‘Behaviours’

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