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Report on organizational structure of Google

Words : 5000

   •   Evaluate and compare the company’s approach to structural design
   •   How does their structure contributes to Google’s success
   •   Google has created and maintained a strong culture. Assess whether and how culture has helped the company succeed successfully in the external environment
   •   If you were working for Google , would you be highly motivated to achieve superior performance? Apply four dive theory and expectancy theory to evaluate critically the motivation practices in Google
   •   Structural Assessment: Provide an overall description of the company’s structure based on the elements of organizational structure (departmentalization, formalization, etc.); provide a critical assessment of the structure by applying the contingencies of organizational structure (size, environment, strategy, technology). Identify and focus on an area (or areas) with potential for improvement and suggest specific actions. For instance, your assessment and suggestions may focus on any structure-related aspect, including division of labor, coordination/communication, alignment of structure with strategy or the external environment, etc.
   •    Provide an assessment of the relative strength of the four cultural types and/or assess cultural values by studying cultural artifacts (stories/legends, language, physical structures, ritual and ceremonies). Again, you need to identify and focus on an area (or areas) with potential for improvement and suggest specific actions. For example, is the current cultural mix aligned with the strategy of the company and the external environment? Is there a consistent approach to cultural management? (e.g., are artifacts, rewards, selection, appraisal and promotion, actions of leaders, etc. aligned with corporate culture and strategy?)
   •    Assessment of motivational practices: What type of motivational practices, tools, or techniques do they use? Has the company developed a motivated workforce? (apply both theories of motivation discussed in class : four-drive theory, expectancy theory of motivation). Are these practices aligned with the strategy, structure, and culture of the company

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