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Social media content evaluation

Social Media Content Evaluation

Today, many businesses use social media platform to market their product or services.  However, sometimes the contents used in the social media found to be inappropriate or unethical.  

In this assignment, I want you to do analysis on the social media content of a product or services.  

Select ONE (1) Malaysian company that marketed their product or services through social media and analyze whether the contents used are ethical or not.

You are free to voice out your opinion critically.

Feel free to surf this website as guidance in completing this assignment:



1. Brief introduction on the company that you selected.
2. Screenshots of the social media post by the company.
3. A ONE (1) page review about the content of the social media in overall
4. A HALF (1/2) page on your conclusion and recommendation

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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