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Report on true reconciliation for South Africans

Words : 5000

For South Africans to achieve true reconciliation, white people need to face up to the truth about their role in
apartheid. Reconciliation requires a commitment to listening to the narrative of black people. Whites cannot
say that they did not know. They have closed their eyes for far too long. They need to face up to, and tell their
children, what happened, so that whites know their past and understand the past of black people.
What leadership role might schools be able to play here?
For example:
Are there 'informal adult education curriculum possibilities' which could be put in place to facilitate the 'facing
up to' and 'the listening' of adult white South Africans?
Are there 'informal and formal curriculum possibilities' which could be put in place to facilitate, and add to, the
process of the children learning from the adults?

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