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Report on the role and importance of manager in a omani organisation

Words : 1500

The future of any organization is influenced by its understanding of economic, social and technological challenges and how they affect the business environment and more particularly the organization. At the same time the managers who have the power and responsibility to make decisions and oversee an enterprise.

In large organizations, the board of directors defines the policy which is then carried out by the chief executive officer, or CEO. They optimise available resources to enhance organizational productivity.

Some people agree that in order to evaluate a company's current and future worth, the most important factors are the quality and experience of the managers.

In view of the above statement, discuss the role of manager, its importance to an organization and the role it plays in today’s modern business environment.

You are required to select an organization in the private or public sector in Oman and write a report of 1500 (+/- 10%) words covering the following:

   •   A brief discussion on the importance of managers for the success of the organization.

(This discussion should be supported through the use of relevant academic literature.)

   •   A brief introduction of your chosen organization.

   •   Discussion on jobs and responsibilities of manager in the chosen organization.

(This can be done by interviewing a concerned manager of an organization.)

   •   Brief summary of the given report.

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