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Economics assignment on Immigration & Impact on Economic growth

Immigration and Impact on Economic Growth.

Most developed nations are cosmopolitan in today’s world. Some analysts, however, hold the view that immigration poses a huge threat to a Developed nation’s productivity, as well as having an impact on wages, unemployment and social security mechanisms.

This assessment item asks you to investigate and discuss the impact immigration has on a typical developed nation’s economic growth.

You are to discuss and critically evaluate the economic consequences of immigration, for both the sender and the received countries. You could explore the impact immigration has on:

- Wages

- Employment opportunities

- Unemployment rates

- Profit margins

- The ability of a business to grow (both locally and globally)


You MAY base your answer on the situation within Australia, though this would be included only as an example and such examples are optional to include.


Your review should be presented as an essay, and is to include the following sections:

• Cover page

• Introduction

• Table of Contents

• Main Body

• Conclusion and written evidence of teamwork contribution

• Reference List and Appendices

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