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International Management Assignment

Words : 3000

Assignment Task
Grace Browne has recently been promoted to lead a project with team members who are geographically dispersed.
Grace works from the Johannesburg office in South Africa. One team member is in India; another is in Germany; and the rest live in the United States, but in different time zones. Two staff members are in the eastern time zone (Virginia and North Carolina) and two staff members are in the central time zone (Texas and Louisiana). Grace has never managed a global virtual team and is unsure what special skills it will take to be successful. You have been commissioned to provide advice to the company about how to ensure Grace and any other future global virtual team leader can be successful.
Task (100%):
Prepare a report that provides a critique of the factors that impact upon global virtual team effectiveness and the competencies that are necessary and important for virtual team leaders.
In preparing your report, you should consider the nature of global virtual teams, the perspective of a range of scholars regarding their nature, use and the factors that help and hinder their effectiveness. You must include scholarly perspectives on the role of a leader of global teams and any similarities or differences with this role and leadership of ‘traditional’ teams.

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