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Critial analysis of the Higher education policy of South Africa

Words : 5000

Higher Education Policy Critically analyse a higher education policy or set of related policies. Specifically, consider how the purpose of higher education is conceptualized and defined in the policies and the implications for management of institutions. The policy/policies studied can be at the national, international, or sub-national level (or a combination of these). This assignment should be written as an essay, and you should focus on analysing either “policy as paper” (e.g. analysing discourse in a policy text) or “policy as practice” (e.g. policy implementation in an organization). Possible policies for analysis include: • Access, widening participation and affirmative action • Internationalization, international standardization and coordination • Quality assurance and accreditation • Higher education tuition fees, student loans and finance • Research funding modalities (e.g. competitive grants, assessment exercised) • Privatization and public-private partnerships.

The higher education policy I am interested to analyse is: (South African Higher Education Act 101 of 1997.

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