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Object oriented system assignment in Java

"Crystal" is a pharmaceutical company which has multiple pharmacy branches throughout the country. Currently they have simple POS (point of sale) system to issues bills and calculate the sales. The management has decided to implement a new automated computer system which should track all the sale transactions, purchasing transaction and manage stocks of each branch.

System should be able to operate in individual branch and management should be able to view reports of all the branches. Pharmacy outlet will do sales on both drug items and grocery items as well. Since pharmacy branches directly sell drugs to customers no need to maintain customer details but should be able to scan and attach prescriptions of customer if required.

On the other suppliers and stocks has to be maintained with threshold levels and notify operator when stocks meet threshold level. Expiry dates are very important in drugs, so system should be able to track expiry dates of the stocks and notify operator beforehand. Especially when it comes to drug items the generic names has to be managed along with the brand name, and also search options should be possible for both brand name and generic names. System should be able to print receipts for billings if required. You have freedom to add more creative functionalities to have a better solution, for an instance a bar code reader and bar code generation can be done for receipts.

Provide a well-designed, user friendly system addressing the following features:
●   System should have differential access rights to the system users.
●   Interactive user friendly interfaces
●   Clear implementation of the business flow via the system.
●   Design & implement suitable sets of reports, which you think will add more value to the entire business
●   Use test driven development and include test classes to test your application

Students are free to make necessary assumption on system design & granting access permissions other than mentioned within the scenario, but all suggestions must be well explained with the valid reasons.
Students can add any functionality which will enhance the system and make the proposed solution more comprehensive.

Use Harvard referencing to properly acknowledge all the external sources you use.

Your tasks


a)   Provide the UML diagrams for the given problem with clear explanations on the design decisions. Derive detailed Use Case diagram, Class diagram & a sequence diagram. Whenever necessary document the relevant assumptions you made.(LO I ) (9 Marks)
b)   Provide an alternative OO design for the same problem(LO I) (9 Marks)
c)   There are many system design patterns available in system development. Critically evaluate singleton, factory and abstract factory design patterns and apply the most suitable design pattern for your system development.(LO II)(15 Marks)
d)   Develop an interactive set of interfaces to get the necessary user inputs. Make sure to implement proper validation mechanisms in order to restrict invalid entries to the system. Come up with suitable set of reports, which you will think add more value to your system
i.   Your program must have a clear, three-tiered organization. That is the program should have distinct and separate data access, business logic, and user interface layers.
ii.   Your program should make use of a proper database to store information
(LO II) (30 Marks)
e)   Document the test plan and explain how you used test driven development in this scenario. This includes test rationale, test plan, test data and proper application of the test plan (LO II) (10 Marks.)

f)   Create user and technical documentation for the developed solution (LO II) (7 Marks)

g)   Critically evaluate the work undertaken by yourself, in relation to the solution you developed. You can emphasize on the design you selected in implementing your solution. Provide justifications why you think one design is better than the other, among the two designs (task a, task b) you proposed for the above scenario. You can use your knowledge on OOP concepts, design patterns & business domain specific knowledge to support your answer. (LO III) (20 marks.)

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