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Report on the History of Occupational Health and Safety Laws

This is a written assignment in which you are expected to demonstrate writing
and researching skills of university standard. Your task is to:

1. Describe the history of occupational health and safety, including the
various historical events, people and factors that have influenced the
development of our current health and safety laws.

2. Describe the current work health and safety legal framework relevant
to the jurisdiction in which you work or live, including the names of the
Act and Regulations. Give an overview of the role of an Act,
Regulation, Codes of Practice and Standards, within the legal system.
If relevant, discuss the harmonisation of health and safety laws within
Australia and its current status within your jurisdiction.

3. Investigate the local, national and international professional
organisations that are relevant to occupational health and safety.
Describe two of these professional organisations, including their
background, history, role and purpose within the health and safety

2000 words

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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