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Marketing plan for an Australian Organisation

Words : 5000

For this assessment, you are required to choose a specific Australian organisation (or one

operating in Australia) and develop a marketing plan for its product or service. The

organisation can be a start-up venture that is attempting to bring an innovative product or

service to the marketplace, or a well-established organisation that is seeking to be more

innovative and creative in their marketing practices. The organisation may be a business or a

not-for-profit organisation.

Your marketing plan will be underpinned by sound research and demonstrate thoughtfulness,

understanding of marketing issues and have an implementation plan to show how the

organisation should proceed. Your report will include the following:

 A description of the organisation, and the product or service;

 A market analysis, including direct and indirect competitors;

 A PESTLE (political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and ecological)


 A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis;

 A consumer behavior analysis, including identification of the type of consumer and target

market for the product or service;

 A marketing plan (4P’s)

o analysis of the product (or service) and branding;

o pricing strategy;

o distribution (place) options;

o an outline of an Integrated Marketing Communications plan (IMC: promotion); and,

 Financial and operational plans; and,

 An implementation and control strategy.

Be creative but also realistic in developing your marketing plan. Your budget is $50,000.

Prepare the report as if you were going to be presenting it to the organisation you have

chosen. The intention is to create a marketing plan that the organisation could actually



 With regards to formatting, the report should be written as an A4 Word document. There

are no specific requirements for font type and size, or other formatting elements. Prepare your

document as if you were going to give to the CEO of your chosen company!

 There is no word length for this assessment. Instead of focussing on writing a certain

number of words (or not exceeding a certain number), instead focus on clearly and concisely

covering the required content (as set out in the task description and marking criteria). A

typical marketing plan is around 20 pages.

 A minimum of five (5) text and/or journal references are required in addition to the subject

text. All direct and indirect information sourced must be referenced.

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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