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Environmental scan and Environmental analysis of a selected orgenaization

Words : 2500

Select a suitable company and conduct an Environmental Scan (ES) and

Environmental Analysis (EA) on it using the PESTLE+C* and TOWS frameworks. The ES has to be holistic and informed by

both primary and secondary data. The individual assignment has to be no less than 8 pages in length (12 New Times Roman,

1.25 spacing, 1 inch border all round) excluding tables, diagrams, illustrations and reference list. A rich picture (see reading

list) can be included in the 8 page count.

* Political, Economic, Sociocultural, Technological, Legislation, Environmental + Competitive forces

For this I chose Abans electrical.

For this Assignment there has two parts.

1. Environment scanning

2. Environment Analysis

Cover page

table of content

Introduction (purpose of the assignment, briefly explain about the company and reason for choose it.)

Company overview (what is the company, why you choose it and the vision of the company)

Environmental scanning

Explain why Environmental scanning is important and benefits to the company.

We have to build up SWOT analysis and the Tows matrix for Environmental scanning.

Explain why TOWS & SWOT is important.

After that overall conclusion about the Environmental Scanning.

Environmental Analysis

We have to describe PESTLE and competitive forces for Environmental Analysis.

Why do PESTLE & competitive forces and importance of it.

Finally overall Conclusion about the Environmental Analysis

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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