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Project case study on Apple

Words : 4000

Case Study
Whether it's launching its latest iPhone or iPad, Apple sure knows how to create buzz with consumers and the media. While other companies fight for attention, Apple seems to effortlessly dominate the media--not to mention the hearts and minds of customers--with its new product launches. Recently, Apple sold 2 million iPhone 5's on day one, and then a couple of days later the stock hit the stratospheric price of $700 a share. So you could say they're doing something right.
Strategies and tactics used by Apple to create media and consumer buzz that were not commonly employed by other brands.
If you want to build buzz like Apple does--and maybe someday get your stock to their level--take note of these five marketing tactics:
They cultivate an air of secrecy and intrigue to fuel speculation and buzz.
Many companies go to great lengths to preserve confidentiality during the product development phase, but Apple is a master of the teaser marketing campaign, dragging on the suspense for as long as possible. For weeks if not months before the release of every iPhone, the media conversation builds to deafening levels. Apple stokes the buzz by providing virtually no information. For example, Apple announced a press conference for September 12, 2012, but didn't say what the press announcement was about. In essence, Apple created a cliff-hanger as the media and bloggers speculated, "What could it be--the new iPhone 5 or something else? All the bottom-up speculation in the media and blogosphere generated phenomenal consumer interest--for free. Only after weeks of free buzz did Apple launch a paid media campaign to keep the momentum going.
They create the illusion of scarcity to increase demand:
Luxury goods marketers have long realized that scarcity (real or perceived) makes a product more desirable and in demand. Scarcity not only increases the value of a product, it propels the procrastinators and all us who want to be part of the trendy crowd to step up and buy. That's why it is a favored tactic of designer handbag manufacturers and other luxury goods. Apple has found its own ways to hype the sense of faux scarcity. It did not have enough phones available when it went on sale. Just one hour after the iPhone 5 went on sale for preorders on September 14, 2012, the Apple website reported that heavy demand had necessitated delayed delivery. Adding to the illusion of scarcity was the fact that you could only preorder the phone, and lines were long. The tactic worked. Not only did the iPhone 5 set a record for first-day sales, even two weeks after the iPhone went on sale, it was on a back order of three to four weeks, prolonging the difficulty (and desirability) of owning one.
They focus on a "friendly” customer experience.
Apple products have always been designed to be different, delightful and friendly. I say "friendly” because the core driver of every Apple product is the removal of complexity in favor of ease of use with innovative features like touchscreen "gestures” for zooming and scrolling or SIRI, your personal assistant. Its history of innovative, "friendly” gadgets creates anticipation about what they will do next to advance the consumer experience. The new iPhone 5 ads capture its new friendly features in one phrase: "4-inch Retina display, ultrafast wireless, iOS 6, in a thinner, lighter design.”
They wow customers through design and packaging
Not only does Apple have a history of product innovations, they package their products brilliantly. Steve Jobs famously looked outside the tech world for design and packaging inspiration, at Japanese packaging design, Italian car finishes, and the like. He was one of the first technology leaders to realize that beautiful design can be an important product differentiator. Apple's brand architecture is monolithic. Every touch point conveys a modern, minimalistic brand image from the product design itself to its packaging to the Apple store where you can buy it. Go into an Apple store and you'll find the same design aesthetic and brand personality as you'll find in the gadget in your hand. Many customers are so wowed by Apple's beautiful," open me first” packaging that they don't throw it away, which is called "unboxing.”
They create a passionate brand community of fans who identity with Apple's brand values
While other tech manufacturers see their products as utilitarian, geeky and inexpensive, Apple is the opposite: cool, friendly, and upmarket. Apple has created a brand culture that has attracted a passionate brand community of followers who identify with the brand's innovativeness, simplicity, and coolness. They are fans who lock into the entire family of Apple products and must have the latest gadget right when it comes out, even if it means waiting in line for hours. It's quite a phenomenon to behold.

Task 1:
“Apple never had an objective to sell a low-cost phone. Apple primary objective is to sell a great phone and provide a great experience, and Apple figured out a way to do it at a lower cost.”
Categorize and evaluate promotional activities Apple are doing and justify the compatibility with above Apple marketing strategy requirement. (P.C 1.1)

Task 2:
One of the promotional tactic by Apple is “They cultivate an air of secrecy and intrigue to fuel speculation and buzz”. Explain that tactic. Assume Apple is planning to launch IPhone 6 and want to use the same tactic. Create a plan and schedule activities for launching the product. Assume Apple decided to launch I phone 6 on September 18. (P.C. 1.2)

Task 3:
Assume Apple is planning to launch I phone 6 in September 18 and want to use all the tactics given above. List the different individuals which apple need to discuss before making final decision on promotional activities and also discuss what overall Apple want to achieve with those promotional activities. (P.C. 1.3)

Task 4:
Make a chart for all the promotional activities given above which the Apple is going to use. Discuss timelines and cost for each and every tactic. (P.C. 1.4)

Task 5:
I phone 6 is going to be new revolution in the smart phone market. Create an action plan which you are going to use to promote I phone 6. (P.C. 1.5)

Task 6:
Apple always launch their product in the big ceremony where all media people are invited. As a Marketing manager ensure personnel and resources to support ceremony are identified and prepared to facilitate the achievement of promotional goals. (P.C. 2.1)
Task 7
Apple need to take care the different legislations and codes of conduct while promoting I Phone 6 and when it came to launch I phone 6. Discuss. Also list the different personnel who are going to be responsible to take care of discussed legislations.
Learners need to discuss legislations and codes of conduct which apple need to take care while launching I phone 6 and also need to list the different people who are going to responsible to make sure legislations are followed at the time of launch of I phone 6. (P.C. 2.2)

Task 8:
“Latest research names Apple as the most valuable brand in the world, with Google in second place; Coca-Cola, which took the top spot in all 13 previous reports, must settle for third.” List the main target groups for Apple I phone 6. Also discuss what message you want to give to those target groups to enhance the positive image of Apple while launching I phone 6. (P.C. 2.3)

Task 9
Till now Apple is considered as Anti-Social and not very popular on social media. One of the reason for that is Apple’s Culture of Secretiveness in which Apple keeps its upcoming products hidden from its competitors, and when it announces a new product, the company has absolute control over the message. Discuss what media option you will suggest for Apple to launch it’s I phone 6 in Australia with collaboration with Vodafone with reasons. Also discuss will you suggest Social media to be part of those media channels or not. (P.C. 2.4)

Task 10:
Discuss the different methods you are going to use to analyse audience feedback and data to determine the impact of the promotional activity on the delivery of I Phone 6. Also discuss your recommendation for using Social media to get feedback which was not considered preferred tool by Apple for communication in the past. (P.C. 3.1)
Task 11:
Make two Questionnaires to get feedback for internal (Staff) and external (customers) to collect feedback on promotional activities (Minimum 10 questions each with 3 questions to collect customer details). Also list people with whom you want to share the collected information for further decision making. (P.C. 3.3)

Task 12:
Create a budget for different advertisement media channels along with time lines and expected benefits. Also make a budget sale for IPhone 6 with timelines. (P.C. 3.4)

Task 13:
Create KPI for different promotional activities so that those KPI may be used in future to make decision on which promotional activities provide better results and get selected in next promotion period. (P.C. 3.2, 3.5)

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