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Case study analysis - Oveta Consultants - The most demanded resource persons providers in the country

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Oveta Consultants: The most demanded resource persons providers in the country


Oveta Consultants is a recently established initiative by Adrian and Jude; two professionals,

qualified both locally & internationally, with the intention of catering to training needs of SME

sector in major cities in Sri Lanka. Their resource panel includes professionals having over

10-15 years of corporate experience in various disciplines, including Not for Profit & public

sector. Their expertises are in Sales, Marketing, Human Resources & Operational Finance.

They plan to be the most demanded resource persons providers in the country while

meeting the business excellence.

Partners do not have any hurry, but keen in having a steady growth with careful investment.

They target to start profiting within a year’s time assuring a strong financial stability for

further expansions. They have already established the head office in the heart of Colombo

and planning to expand immediately to at least 3 major cities with considerable opportunities

for training and development.

In its expansion phase, the partners have decided to recruit additional staff to meet the

needs of the clients. By considering the importance of the concept, ‘hiring for attitude and

training for skill’, Oveta places utmost importance on the level of employee performance.

Recruiting the right person for the right job is one of the core principles of Oveta in its

journey to success.

The two partners however, have decided to get some advice from Z-Com; a well-known

management consultancy firm in Colombo. Adrian intends to look after the marketing and

business relations of the business while Jude is happy with overlooking the entire operations

aspect of the business. The two partners have scheduled an important meeting with the Z-
Com Business Consultant to give inputs to get a good proposal to expand their business.

Assume that you are the Z-Com Business Consultant who is going to develop the proposal

for Oveta Consultants. Consider the following tasks to develop this proposal as per the

information given above.

Propose a suitable organizational structure for Oveta Consultants with clear justifications

Develop the complete recruitment and selection procedure to hire a few Business

Promotions Officers for the new expansions

Prepare a detailed sales strategy for the first year of the expansion phase which includes the

target audience, objectives, strategies, an action plan and a performance monitoring

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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