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Report on Malaysia Airlines lost Airplanes

Words : 3500

Within a few month, Malaysia Airline lost two airplanes. Those tragic events shocked the whole world and left Malaysia’s Airline future to be uncertain. Perhaps not all is lost for Malaysia Airline?

This report will comprise two parts: A and B


To include;

   •   An executive summary (not more than 20 words) about the scope of part A and part B.
   •   An introduction about Malaysia Airline, very brief company profile (not more than 100 words)

Main body:

To include;

Part A Malaysia Airlines Current Strategy (60%)

   •   Using the theoretical framework(s) that you have identified critically analyse the external environment of Malaysia Airline
   •   Using the theoretical framework(s) that you have identified, critically analyse Malaysia Airline internally
   •   Combine the findings from both analyses and perform a SWOT analysis
   •   Find information about Malaysia Airline current Mission, Vision and company goals and objectives
   •   Describe Malaysia Airline current strategy based on your previous analysis

Part B Suggest Malaysia Airline’s Future Strategy (direction) 40%

   •   Based on your findings from part A criticise Malaysia Airlines current Strategy in terms of its long term usability and your judgements of Malaysia Airline’s survival in the future – you need to explain in your own words what you think but try to incorporate original research from other sources to make your arguments stronger. You might want to be using the theoretical framework(s) that you have identified to critically analyse Malaysia Airline’s future.
   •   Using original research about Malaysia’s Airline’s latest activities (e.g. Malaysia Airline is trying to merge with other companies, selling off assets, start a trust campaign etc.?) and try to interpret in light of Malaysia Airline’s new strategy what that might mean?
   •   Propose a new strategic direction for Malaysia Airlines and what they should focus on in the future to survive.


Explain in your own words briefly the key findings from your analysis (not more than 30 words).

Remember that any strategic direction might be possible – the key is how you defend your analysis (best with evidence from other sources or as a result from your analysis).

You are allowed to use appendixes without word count but you should use the appendix only to support your main body of text. E.g. you might want to use the appendix for an in depth analysis and then you only use the key findings in your main text. (in this case you would say in the main text – for a more detailed analysis, please see appendix…) in order to save words.

For specific and detailed guidance you will be able to discuss in the first instance with your course leader Dr Martin Goerlich.

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