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Project management task including project plan and gantt chart

Company XYZ is in the software games application development and has been aware that
their production of a popular game application will not continue to satisfy consumer demands.
This application has seen an increase of about 10 – 12% for the past five years. Currently the
games are sold as individual packs. However, sales forecast has indicated that this will not
continue due to other products emerging in the market, customer preferences, market
distribution and price competition.
The CEO had asked an internal team to review current processes and propose changes, along
with upgrades to software to meet the demands for the future. The proposed changes include
writing new games to suit young audiences, licensing options, access to games through
mobile devices and smartphones. The CEO also wanted an upgrade to equipment used to
develop software applications as well as test them, and a redesign of the processes in software
development processes with solid metrics relating to the increase in customer markets.
This has necessitated XYZ in specific anticipated changes such as team composition,
procurement of skills to write software to the mobile and smartphone markets, distribution of
their applications through telephone companies, and providing ongoing support for access.
The above specific changes also warranted XYZ to think about their software team
composition, marketing team composition, finance team composition, game writing process
aspects, and customer care team composition. XYZ is keen to make changes to their HR
composition as well as software writing processes, and would like to investigate, if these
changes were made to the organisational process, whether they would be able to manage those
process changes.
The Project Plan
XYZ would like to see an outline of a project plan with tentative timelines and cost ranges so
that serious consideration can be given to the process changes. The project plan that XYZ
would like to see should include included identification of needs for increased production, as
well as identification of affected departments and/or processes if the increase in production
were carried out.

Your task is to develop a project case for XYZ within the above scenario. If any parts of the
scenario in unclear, you are allowed make necessary assumptions, but the assumptions should
be realistic. Your task is to develop a project management document to provide an initial
idea and scope as to the cost in procuring various resources and timelines. Your
submission should include the following documents:
1. A complete project plan (PERT & GANTT Chart)
2. A Time Schedule for procuring the resources to meet 2016 implementation
3. A resource document detailing the type of resources required, cost to procure the resource
and the involvement of the resource in the development
4. A set of potential risks that you are anticipating in implementing the system
The above documents should clearly be developed using a project tool that is available to you.
You are required to state your assumptions clearly and package the documents in a professional
report to the top management for their consideration.

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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