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Reflective assignment on Ehics & Social Issue

Words : 2000

When you graduate or perhaps even before then, you will likely be seeking out employment

opportunities. There are many paths that could be followed and this exercise is designed to help you to

start identifying some of the ones likely to be attractive to you.

Identify two different IT professions that you may like to be employed in upon completing your studies at

University. Submit a report presenting the details of the two professions.

a. Name of the IT profession, its responsibilities, its major job functions and its place in an


b. Carry out a simple job market survey and research. Select three IT job advertisements

for each of your selected professions (six in total) and list them (title of ad, job position being

advertised, source of the ad and date advertised). Comment on trends such as demographics,

salary/wage scales, specialised area, experience required, generic and particular skills asked for

and any others you notice.

c. Identify the bodies and/or societies that oversee the professional and ethical conduct of the

profession you have selected. Briefly describe their functions.

d. Comment on how you would prepare for a career in these professions. For example, what

type of skills and knowledge, what type of experience and what personal attributes would help

you gain employment in this area? In writing about the required skills and knowledge, include

two credible references to support your analysis. These references could be from websites

of professional bodies referred to in your discussion, reference to graduate generic skills or a

textbook on career preparation.

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