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Operating of Omani companies in volatile environmental conditions

Words : 4000

Never was the environmental conditions in this world so volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and competitive, yet organisations and companies operating In Oman are faring quite well.

Discuss highlighting why you think this is an accurate/inaccurate reflection of the situation vis a vis the organisation you work in, or an organisation you are familiar with. This can be applied to a business, statutory or voluntary organisation.

Identify and set out five steps that your organisation can take internally to minimise the threats posed by the volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and competitive environment? Can the Omani government assist organisations in this process or is it a case of market forces only. Your report should discuss these key aspects.

This task is not prescriptive: it requires you to interpret what is required and organise your materials as you think appropriate. There is an expectation of a focussed, rigorous, evidenced and professional submission. Any selected frameworks, concepts or tools from this unit should be applied in a dynamic, integrated and focused way to Identify an external strategic issue. You need to reference thoroughly and adhere to Harvard system of referencing, drawing on pertinent and recent academic and professional evidence.
An executive summary should be included that articulates the strategic issue, core argument and implications.

4000 words

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