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Hilton Hotel

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  • Analysis of the Case study ‘Hilton tops the heights of the hotel trade’
  • Due to globalization and the technological changes human resources is shaped by many factors. The human resource management is the need of the hour because of its special attention to communication, motivation and leadership values. This helps in building trust and faith between the employee and the organization. Today, Human resource management is going through significant changes due to development in technology, change in demographics, globalization and changing work dynamics especially in hospitality industry. The aim of the human resource management is to retain the talented workforce, especially the ones who are committed towards the organization’s goal and development. So, to be successful we need to alter the human resource strategy in such a way that it benefits both the organization as well as the employees. As a result of the changing market scenario, companies are laying special focus on the human resource planning so as to remain competitive. In case of Hilton Hotel, a change in their existing internal and external structure can help in achieving the management goals. The personnel planning, plays a very important role as they are the ones on whom the success of the organization depends. To generate results, the employees undergo training and development which further motivates them to perform better. Improvement in performance will definitely bolster the image of your organization. Problem solving is the best means to maintain long lasting relations with the other team members. If the problems of the employees are dealt with properly then it can improve the employee’s efficiency towards work and generate better productivity and revenues. ... Less

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  • Strategic Report on Hilton Hotels
  • This report aims to highlight the strategies taken by Hilton Worldwide Hotels to maintain their brand in this era of fierce global competition. The structure of the report contains the Introduction and Aim section that deals with history of the Hilton Worldwide Group and its different brands in its bag. It also tracks awards won by the group, its global position and number of geographic areas it is operating in. The report further analysis literature related to strategies adopted by the organization, varied definitions and strategy discussion in view to increasing global competition. Work done by the Boston consultancy group, to transform brand to fight global completion for Hilton, is taken up in detail. Linking all the literature review to Hilton Worldwide, a discussion of strategies taken by Hilton is done. Recommendations are done keeping in mind Global stand of the brand. ... Less

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  • SWOT Analysis of Hilton Hotel in Sydney, Australia
  • N/A ... Less

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