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Below are Essay & Assignments tackled by us on Cadbury

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  • Critical analysis of Organizational structure, Culture and current problems at Cadbury
  • The focal of this assignment would be a complete analysis of the strategy adopted by Cadbury to carve the name that it holds today and the success that follows. Assignment will adopt a research design that would both qualitatively and quantitatively study the available information to gather in depth mechanics and sequence of approaches involved that enable Cadbury to win a competitive advantage. This report would be utilizing sources such as financial reports, company score card details, journals, etc varied secondary sources of information that critically appreciate the progress of Cadbury and map the varied highs and lows that it encountered/encounters to survive the fierce competition. We will be looking at the complete SWOT analysis of the company to ascertain its place in the market and all the areas of challenges and problems it faces. Per say, would be concentrating on the gaps between theory and practice. Also, how Cadbury addresses these gaps and how far are they successful, if at all. We will be looking at how the company uses its ‘culture’ as a potent tool of marketing strategy, reaching out to masses winning their confidence through their varied range of products. We shall also be briefly studying the rival brands that pose threat to Cadbury and hence keeps the challenge going and how Cadbury copes to not just maintain its hard earned legacy of glory but also how it continuously, persistently grows combating the fierce market scenario. This study would include a through analysis of company’s strengths, weaknesses and the probable action plan to further boost its success. Using the principles of Miles and Snow’s theory of performing business types as discussed in (Robbins & Barnwell 2006)

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  • Essay on Work Life balance using a case study on Cadbury
  • – “Work a little less and go to the gym a little more. Do not put the thumbscrews to your employees – it will do no good. Punitive measures and threats are more likely to turn off or burn out your best workers than motivate them. When you turn up the heat, your best talent – the people you trained and groomed and who, therefore, have the most options – will be most likely to defect at the first opportunity. And that will likely increase your stress, not reduce it,”
    This paper discusses the above statement with reference to OH&S and Worklife Balance

    Looking at the current work life, it is clear that pressure and work load is increasing day by day. It is not only deteriorating employees’ work life but personal lives too. There are end numbers of problems that are faced by the employees of different organizations. This paper will through light on some basic concepts and issues of the commercial world. It will give an insight of the work arena. It covers the principles of work-life balance which has become a major issue in modern organizations. I will also cover a case study which will discover and provide a clear picture of work ethics of an organization. Therefore, this paper will present a complete view of the working environment of the employees. It will also have a critical overview of an organization on its assistance to its employees.
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