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Types of essay

Essays are an attempt by the writer to discuss a particular topic according to his/her views based on their experience and knowledge. There are different types of essays wherein the writer aims to discuss a personal experience, explain something or convince the reader to accept certain views and opinions.

Description Essay & Analytical Essay

One of the types of essay include description essay and is similar to narrative essay. The description essay includes describing an event, person, experience, place etc. The description essay involves using illustrative language to discuss the topic. This type of essay helps stimulate the senses of the readers and the topic is well grasped and understood by the readers. The description essay includes more of sensory descriptive words, which enables the readers to feel and sense the writer’s views. The analytical essay is another type of essay, which involves analysis, interpretation or evaluation of events, work, book etc. The analytical essay includes introduction, analysis of the chosen topic, personal response on the topic and conclusion. The analytical essay includes presenting thesis or research question, which is analyzed in the main body using evidences and personal views through experience and learning. The personal view about the thesis shows that the level of understanding of the writer regarding the chosen topic and the readers are able to critically view the point made in the thesis and understand the point of view of the writer and understand his/her perspective, which can help change the reader’s own views.

MLA and APA Essay Format

The essays follow certain formats such as MLA essay format and APA essay format. MLA essay format refers to writing an essay based on the standard layout set by the Modern Language Association. It includes general formatting wherein the font size, space, margins and indentation of the first lines are standardized and have to be followed in both the essay types. The format includes referencing the evidences referred to in the essay. The name of writer, title of book or publication, publisher and place of publication should be included for the source from where the information is collected. APA essay format refers to using American Psychological Association style wherein the font recommended is different from that of MLA. The spacing is a standardized one and essay includes a page header. The APA format includes name of the author, title, publisher and year of publication. The in-text citations in this format includes mentioning the last name of the authors with the year of publication and if any material is quoted directly page number is also included along with the other information. Description and analytical essay both either use APA or MLA format wherein the standards set by the association has to be followed. The evidences in the essays, which are referred from other books or articles have to be references and should be cited, which enables the writer to avoid being held for plagiarism. The writer should ensure that the evidences written from other sources have to be appropriately cited and should ensure that the essay maintains a proper flow of ideas and information.

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